One of the best ways to stay on top of the performance of your cleaning company, is to keep a constant eye on the metrics that are critical to your success.

Too often, companies settle for reviewing their monthly profit and loss (P&L) statements as a way to measure the company’s performance. However, this means that they can only see the direction that their company is trending (and that, after the fact!) This results in reactive response, rather than proactive planning and thoughtful mid-course adjustments.

But did you know that with the right operations management software, you can get real-time performance data for each client’s profitability? You can also delve into each client expense category so that you can make well informed decisions on the fly!

Making Employee Course Corrections

Labor is the biggest expense for cleaning companies, coming in around 50% (or more!) of your total costs. This can easily get out of hand when left unchecked!

Effective operations management software should allow users to enter the budgeted man-hours necessary to complete the contracted work and compare this number with actual labor hours. With smart labor app integrations, software can accurately track and report the labor hours logged for that client allowing for real time and effective management.

The result, then, is a single, effective system that reports whether or not your employees are accomplishing tasks efficiently enough to maintain profitability. These specific, timely reports allow you to make prompt adjustments with under-performing employees, whether through additional training or behavioral adjustments, in order to gain improved results and increased profits.

Don’t Buy More Than You Need

Supply costs are often an overlooked or under-managed expense. A useful operations management software should allow employees to easily input supply usage by client so that these expenses can be tracked and managed effectively. From chemicals to mops, and paper towels to squeegees, consistently and accurately tracking budgeted supplies versus the actual amount consumed helps ensure that you stay under budget.

Tracking supply consumption also provides the opportunity to track quality, or at least identify the potential lack thereof. In the absence of a supply tracking system, would you know if no supplies had been delivered to a client in the last 6 months? Irregularities in supply usage can indicate training or theft issues, but they can also identify potential quality issues. If no chemicals are being delivered, what are they cleaning with? Is the client getting the level of service you promised? These problems often go unrealized and unchecked without the insights provided by an operations management software solution.

The Impact of Operations Management Software

Managing all the moving parts that impact your bottom line isn’t easy. From employee performance and client communication, to work orders, inspections and supply tracking, your hands are constantly full!

So if you’re ready to discover how operations management software can help support your efforts to build and maintain a successful cleaning business, connect with Janitorial Manager to schedule a FREE DEMO, TODAY!