Your best source of new revenue doesn’t come from new clients; it comes from upgrading the janitorial cleaning contracts you already have in place.

How are romantic comedy movies like janitorial cleaning contracts? For the most part, there aren’t many similarities. But there is one common theme in many of these RomComs that, whether you realize it or not, is also a likely part of your business.

In many of these films, the protagonists continually miss each other, or they don’t realize until it’s nearly too late that they are meant to be together. For many cleaning companies and building services contractors, that might be a familiar scene. Only instead of the love of your life, you’re missing out on the additional services and maintenance duties that could substantially boost your revenue.

The kicker is that the love/revenue is right in front of you. Your current clients are right there, and they are generally your best source of new revenue.

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Janitorial Cleaning Contracts

Your clients would want these upgrades to their janitorial cleaning contracts if they knew you offered them

Let’s start with what your janitorial cleaning contracts probably look like. You do a walkthrough and put in a bid. You and your client then work out an agreement. You sweep, mop, and vacuum floors, clean the restrooms, refill toilet paper and paper towels, change wastebasket liners, and wipe down communal surfaces like meeting room tables or countertops in breakrooms. In exchange for these services, they pay you every month.

Obviously, there’s a lot more to the job than that, but you get the idea. When a client comes to you looking for cleaning services, you offer them cleaning services. After all, if they wanted someone to change filters in their HVAC systems, they would have asked, right? Maybe not.

You need to sell your services.

Imagine going to the mechanic. You know you need new spark plugs, so that’s what you ask the shop to take care of. What if, in the midst of that repair, the mechanic notices a small hole in your heater hose and fraying on the alternator belt? What are the chances the shop won’t even mention the other issues since you only asked them to change your spark plugs? Not likely. You could pretty much bet your life savings that they’ll point out every problem your car has, along with every issue that could come up within the next year.

While a burned-out lightbulb won’t leave your clients stranded by the roadside, the concept is the same. Don’t think of service upgrades to your janitorial cleaning contracts as trying to squeeze more out of your clients. Look at it like pointing out the services you offer that can help them run their building more efficiently and more safely. Just like replacing that heater hose will help your car run better and prevent a future breakdown.

You may not be in a position to offer all of these upgrades, but for the ones you can, there’s no reason you can’t bring them up when you renew or first negotiate your janitorial cleaning contracts.

1. Window cleaning.

A recent survey by Cleaning & Maintenance Management (CMM) highlights the fact that only 56 percent of building service contractors (BSCs) provide their own window cleaning services.

2. Light bulb replacement.

Only 35 percent of BSCs offer light bulb replacement, and yet in many facilities, this could be easy money.

3. Preventative maintenance.

Less than 20 percent of BSCs include preventative maintenance as part of their janitorial cleaning contracts. While this could take on many duties, it could also be as simple as maintaining and changing HVAC filters and taking care of minor repairs like leaky faucets (assuming you or someone on your team has the skills to do that type of work).

4. Specialized hardwood and stone floor cleaning.

Every floor seems to need it’s own particular approach to cleaning. Some, however, need a bit more care and attention than others. Marble floors, for example, are popular in commercial buildings, and they also require a special cleaning routine. However, certified floor care is a service upgrade you could easily add that would benefit your client’s property, and give you an edge on attracting new business.

5. Carpet deep cleaning.

Any BSC company can vacuum carpets, but when you have certified technicians taking care of stains, seasonal deep cleaning, and more, you have an edge on your competition.

6. Restroom supply management.

You may already offer this, but if you don’t, this is a simple way to upgrade your janitorial cleaning contracts. If you use Janitorial Manager software to track your supplies, this won’t take a lot of effort on your part, but a building manager or landlord might find that it’s a big hassle they are more than willing to hand over to you.

7. Lawn care.

Did you know that only 24 percent of BSCs offer lawn care to their clients? Of course, you don’t want to get in over your head, but some facilities might only require mowing the grass once a week and watering plants daily.

8. Snow removal.

Here’s another one that could be a simple upgrade if you only need to worry about a few walkways and stairs. For parking lots and large campuses, you’ll need special equipment like plows, but for buildings with limited outdoor space, this could be an excellent revenue opportunity.

9. Painting.

No building manager wants to go through the trouble of finding and hiring painters. Add this option into your janitorial cleaning contracts, and you’ve put some real power into your game.

10. JM Connect App.

This isn’t so much an upgrade as it a selling point. The JM Connect App gives your clients an easy way to get in touch with you or anyone on your team, so communication is streamlined and organized.

Service upgrades are certainly a way to boost your bottom line. But they are also a way for you to help make your clients’ lives easier. And that’s the perfect mix.

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