Is your current janitorial lead generation process leading you into dusty corners? Find out how to bring new life to your efforts – and new contracts to your door.

A disorganized janitorial lead generation process can kill your business. And it’s not a pretty sight. Client calls go unanswered, new customers get lost, literally, in the paperwork. Referrals come in, but without a system in place, you never follow up with them. 

Slowly, revenue starts to dissipate. You and your team do a great job at the locations you have contracts with, but because your whole process is in shambles, you neglect to renegotiate a new contract, and your remaining clients go with someone else for cleaning services. Your team can see the writing on the wall, and they start finding new jobs. Pretty soon, you are the only person left, and you alone are responsible for everything from billing to on-site cleaning. 

Sounds bleak, for sure. And while that may be an extreme example, it’s not unheard of. We all feel disorganized at times, even though it might seem like every other business knows precisely what they’re doing. You know the ones. They have beautiful, branded vehicles. They get big contracts, win all kinds of local “best of” awards. How can you compete against that?

Here’s a secret. Mistakes happen, and even the most professional and experienced among us slip up here and there. Yes, even the big, flashy janitorial company. What they do have, however, that you don’t, is a janitorial lead generation process that is focused, efficient, and squeaky clean. 

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Janitorial Lead Generation

5 Janitorial lead generation mistakes – and how to fix them

1. You don’t have a lead gen process

The single biggest mistake in janitorial lead generation is a lot more common than you might think. Wondering what it could be? Simple. There is no lead generation process. You have a Facebook page you update once every eight months or so, and you rely passively on word-of-mouth advertising for new clients. When someone calls to inquire about janitorial services, you write their name and number on a yellow sticky note. You might call them back in a couple days. Guess what? This approach will get you nowhere. 

You probably didn’t go into business to be a salesperson. The truth is, though, without wearing that hat occasionally, you’ll never grow your business. Don’t worry. There is some good news. You don’t need to be a sales professional to be a good salesperson. More than anything, you just need to be organized, polite, and responsive. How?

Get rid of the sticky notes. Put all your current, pending, and potential customers into a single software platform. Include all the information you have, from contact info to cleaning schedules to supply lists. Schedule everything in your calendar the moment you plan a demonstration or meeting. 

That’s one of the most critical steps in a janitorial lead generation strategy: getting organized. Yes, it will take a little time and effort, but you’ll feel so much more in control of what is happening with your business. Organization will also help you with customer service, which, if not up to par, is the next symptom of a failing lead generation process.

2. Your customer service is… lacking

On the surface, your customer service might not seem like part of a lead generation process. But it’s a well-known fact that retaining customers is a lot easier than attracting new customers. Add to that the fact that “86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience,” and you have some good reasons to focus on how well you meet your customer expectations. 

And when you do bring in new customers, it’s important to remember that 70% of them will base their decision at least in part on how they feel you treat them.

Fortunately, that just means you have to be nice. Be direct, give an accurate quote, do what you say you will, and keep the lines of communication open. Even when you make a mistake or can’t fulfill a contract requirement, communicating with your client can prevent a problem from turning into a disaster. Most people are understanding, as long as you let them know what is going on. 

And, a little brag here, our JM Connect App opens the door to easy two-way communication between you and your clients. 

3. You don’t have a clear quoting system

When a potential client contacts you, they want a quote. Many of them might not know what services they need. They may not even know the square footage of their space. And guess what? If you don’t have a sound system in place for giving quotes, you won’t know whether the price you give them is reasonable or not. For all you know, you could lose money on a contract. What should you do about it?

Set up a walk-through. Suggest specific cleaning plans and produce a quote right on the spot. Janitorial Manager software makes this simple, with the integrated ISSA 612 Cleaning Times.

4. You aren’t following up

This is the real sticking point for most janitorial lead generation. You get referrals, you get calls and messages, you even do your walk-through, then you drop the ball. Quite bluntly, you have to follow up with potential clients to confirm that they want to sign a contract with you, want to negotiate, or they decided it wasn’t a good fit. 

Getting organized will help you with this. Setting calendar reminders and tracking conversions will help you know where in the sales funnel your contact is at any given time. Follow them from the initial introduction to the bid and beyond. 

5. You aren’t following through

Another big problem for many janitorial companies comes when they win a bid, but fail to follow through on the promised services. Poor communication is generally to blame. Either your team isn’t clear on what the duties are, the customer has different expectations than you do about the job, or there could be any number of other misunderstandings.

Follow up with your customers using a Janitorial CRM software like Blitz. CRM software keeps you organized so you never forget to follow through.

Another simple way to eliminate this issue is by using a janitorial inspections app. Schedule on-site inspections, take pictures, track progress, and so much more. 

Janitorial lead generation is vital to your business. Luckily, even if you’re making some, or even all of these mistakes, each one is easy to fix. Especially if you take advantage of all the features and benefits of software like Janitorial Manager.

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