Company background:  

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, Star Building Services is a commercial cleaning company started by Angelica Catano and her husband. According to the Houston Business Journal, they’re ranked as one of the best janitorial companies in town.

In the company’s infancy, they had a few locations and did the cleaning themselves. But through hard work and great employees, they’ve expanded and currently service 111 locations. Today, they service multiple building types: offices, churches, schools, restaurants, and much more. Overseeing 130 employees, Angelica is the CEO.

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Executive Summary:

With over ten years of experience in the cleaning industry, Angelica has learned a lot about running a business. But as the company grew, it became clear to her that they needed a solution to manage their operations more efficiently and document cleaning quality. Once Janitorial Manager was implemented, much-needed inspections were performed and documented.

The Challenges:

Lack of Control, Documentation, and Organization


That’s what Star Building Services wasn’t performing and documenting. Angelica knew that they needed to be doing them, but they didn’t have the solution.

They used a system that allowed them to check in with their customers, but it didn’t have the reports to view the quality of a job performed. She explained further, “we had a system that it was just like a basic system where we would check our customers and see if everything was okay. And we just made the comment here at the office. And that’s it. We weren’t keeping records”.

It was clear that they lacked quality control. With no records, it was impossible to validate the quality of work that was performed so improvements could be made and keep clients happy.

They were also unorganized.

They used QuickBooks for their accounting, but it lacked a streamlined solution that stored all of their client and employee information. With this information stored in other places, it was inefficient to find and make sense of the information when they needed it.

They wished there was an all-in-one solution where employees could access client and employee on demand- and not waste their time trying to find it.​

The Solution:

A Streamlined Operations Management Software

In 2016, and after a thorough search and evaluation of several different solutions, Angelica and her company chose Janitorial Manager. Janitorial Manager is a streamlined operations management software for the cleaning industry. JM is also a proud member of ISSA– the world’s leading association for the industry.

While JM offers many benefits, Star Building Services currently uses JM to manage their inspections, timekeeping, and document client & employee information. With JM in place, Angelica now has an important piece that the company was missing- control over their cleaning quality.

The Benefits:

Control Over Their Cleaning Quality

Star Building Services now has control over the quality of their cleaning ever since they implemented JM’s inspections feature on their mobile device. These records validate the quality of a job performed so that they can maintain a high standard for their clients. It’s also easy for their team to create the report for each client.

This is done by creating custom inspection templates that can be accessed by a supervisor in an instant. Then, their supervisor can walk through the facility to take pictures and thoroughly document the quality of work performed.  Without performing inspections, their cleaning quality would suffer- and they would risk having unsatisfied clients.

“I love the possibility of creating templates. We can customize every inspection to every customer’s needs.”

Angelica Catano

CEO, Star Building Services

Cost Savings

Before Janitorial Manager implemented its mobile timekeeping feature, Angelica said that they used a different solution. “They were more expensive. And it was a little bit more complicated to manage”.

Once they switched to JM’s timekeeping feature, they instantly saved allowing them to allocate those saving to other areas. It was easier to use too and employees could clock in or out by using a flip phone or a smartphone. Also, an all-in-one solution has eliminated the hassle of trying to remember which software is designated for the task they’re trying to accomplish.

One Organized Solution to Manage Their Operations and Keep Records

They always wanted one solution to manage their company’s operations and now they have it.

Star Building Services uses Janitorial Manager’s single solution to perform inspections, track time, and record employee & client information. This is more cost-effective, user-friendly, and efficient- not to mention eliminating the frustration of having to constantly flip back in forth between several systems.

Angelica explained their user-friendly experience, “You don’t have to worry about keeping records in many different software systems or cloud-based things. So, it’s all in one place and will save money and time. Time is the biggest resource a business owner can have”. Now, Angelica can spend less time managing her operation and more time doing what matters- like continuing to expand the number of locations they service.


“Janitorial manager is like our Bible. Everything should be in there. Everyone should be using it. That’s a lifesaver for our operations…for everything we do”.

-Angelica Catano

CEO, Star Building Services

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