In this day and age, the idea of staying connected is pretty passé – everyone has a smartphone, a tablet or a computer, and there are so many social media outlets and types of communication available that staying in touch should be easy. But if you do any kind of research on client satisfaction, the biggest area where improvement is needed is communication. Good communication can cut through the flood of information that bombards clients in a world of constant connectivity.

You can find a lot of advice out there about leadership, client relations, or how to use different forms of communication, but if you own a commercial cleaning company, some of that is just filler. You need a practical way to reach out to and stay connected with your clients that doesn’t waste your time or theirs. If you’re already using the best cleaning management software, then there is a practical piece already built in – the Client Portal.

What is a Client Portal?

In case you’re not familiar with the concept of a client portal, let’s first define exactly what we’re talking about. You may not have realized it, but if you have ever used online banking or online shopping, then you’ve been utilizing a client portal. A client portal is essentially an electronic gateway allowing companies to securely share information and data with clients, typically using Internet access with a Cloud-based application. In some cases, like with a specific type of software, companies can control the amount of access so that the client is restricted to only those parts of the software that are relevant to them. The client portal in the cleaning management system is a tool for managing and tracking communication between the client (your customer) and the service provider (you).

Why do I need it?

The great advantage of having a client portal is that it gives clients the freedom to interact with you when and how they need to, all with the touch of a button. Traditionally, face-to-face contact is the best way to provide personalized service, but with changing customer expectations and the fast-paced, technology-driven world that we now live in, many businesses, large and small, are looking at new ways to interact with customers, and client portals are an excellent example of this type of innovation.

Think about your cleaning business – would it save you time and money to have clients contact you rather than you contacting them every time a job needs to be done? Of course! With this type of scheduling software, you have the access to the management options, and the clients receive a unique access page where they can log in and put in requests or leave comments as needed. When the client submits a new request, there is a system notification for the user (you, and anyone you give the same permission to) within the software, and you will also receive an email alert about the request. When a request is sent in, you can respond with notes directly to the client, determine whether or not a request has been completed, and even request a client to sign off on a job. This all helps you stay better organized and helps keep your schedule more current.

Another great feature of a client portal is how customizable it is. As the owner of your business, you know which client needs more access, and which ones do not! You easily can manage all portal activity, and designate which options your clients have and the information they can see when they log in. You can determine who can access data for each individual client, which will not only help you keep everything straight, but it will keep the lines of communication open as you see fit.

So…how do I get it?

If you own your own commercial cleaning business, and you’re not already using Janitorial Manager to handle all of your business needs, call us today for a free demo! We can answer all of your questions about how the software works, the different tools available to you, including the Client Portal, and we can show you how you can best stay connected with your clientele. Improve your communication and client satisfaction today!