You want to keep up with janitorial news, tips, and business ideas, but you’re also on the go a lot. Cleaning podcasts are just the thing.

No one in the janitorial industry stands alone. Whether you’re working to grow your business or manage your team more effectively, there are experts willing to give you a hand. A number of professionals in the field have created helpful cleaning podcasts that can help you along the way.

We’ve compiled a list of the top five cleaning podcasts to listen to. Whether you want to increase your revenue, improve your team’s productivity, or budget more effectively, let industry experts walk with you down the path towards success. 

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Cleaning Podcasts

5 Cleaning podcasts you want on your list

1. The Business of Cleaning

Hosted by Halie Morris and Sam Riegsecker, The Business of Cleaning podcast runs in tandem with Janitorial Manager. This platform is designed to make life simpler for anyone involved in the cleaning industry. 

Both hosts have experience in marketing and entrepreneurship, making their content ideal for up-and-comers that want to find their footing in the cleaning community. Their podcast aims to keep communication within the janitorial industry open. The hosts interview representatives from various parts of the cleaning industry, with recent guests including Ralph Peterson and Jason Morris.

2. Grow My Cleaning Company

Moving from in-field work to business management is a big transition. You need to have the right tools on hand if you’re going to make the most out of your janitorial business. 

Whether you need help marketing your business to new clients or engaging with your team, the Grow My Cleaning Company’s podcast can give you a hand. 

Host Mike Campion aims to give anyone coming up in the janitorial industry access to the business tips and tricks. Whether you need help building a budget or contracting new employees, Campion’s years of experience are at your disposal.

3. Clean Biz Network

Hosted by AJ Simmons, this cleaning podcast is an affiliate of Clean Biz Network. This platform provides every aspiring member of the janitorial community with access to personal improvement courses, starter kits, and lead generation services. 

The podcast takes a high-energy approach to create opportunities to stand out within the industry.

Each episode of the Clean Biz Network’s podcast comes equipped with an accompanying article. If you want to access a transcript after listening, you can find the resources you’re looking for on the Clean Biz Network website. 

4. Ask a Housecleaner

Ask a Housecleaner isn’t entirely geared toward commercial cleaning. For that matter, it isn’t strictly a podcast. Twenty-five-year industry veteran Angela Brown hosts YouTube videos that cover things like creating estimates, business growth, and employee management. And don’t let the video aspect of this stop you from checking it out. You won’t miss anything by skipping the visuals and just listening. 

The standout point here is that if you have a question for Brown, you can just submit them through the website. Brown answers either via email or, more commonly, through her videos.

5. Profit Cleaners

The Profit Cleaners isn’t your typical cleaning podcast. While the podcast is filled with business and marketing tips, the real emphasis is on using your business to create the lifestyle you want. In other words, your cleaning business is a means to an end. They cover topics like customer retention, business values, and even the essentials like creating a business plan.

Bonus podcast! Cleaning 4 Profit

Building a business takes effort, patience, and time. It gets a little easier, however, when you have an expert on your side. The Cleaning 4 Profit podcast was designed with newcomers in mind. 

Hosted by Tom Watson, the podcast boasts nearly 250 episodes. Watson has over twenty-one years in the cleaning industry and has owned TC Watson Cleaning Services, HealthyKleen Carpet Cleaning, and most recently, Cleaning 4 Profit.

So why is this a bonus cleaning podcast and not part of the “real” list? As far as we can tell, there hasn’t been a new episode since September 2016. But before you discount this one because it’s older, much of the information is timeless. You can never go wrong with episodes like, “Tips for meeting potential customers,” or “Six tips to get more referrals.”

Whether you’re a newcomer or a long-established business, these five cleaning podcasts (plus a bonus podcast!) are just a few of the outlets that can help you take your company to the next level.

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