What’s missing from your cleaning service menu? Maybe more than you realize. And it could be costing you business.

You might not typically equate a commercial cleaning service menu with the menu at your favorite restaurant. Stick with it for a minute and you’ll understand what they have to do with one another. 

Assuming everything is the same – ambiance, food, prices, ingredients, service, and so on – you could still have two very different menus describing the same thing. For example, the menu might list a burger with fries and coleslaw. The other menu might go something like this: 

Burger: Local beef from XYZ farms, seasoned with our house-made blend of fresh herbs and spices, served on a brioche roll from ABC bakery (next door!). Burger is served with hand-cut, spiced steak fries and coleslaw made with local vegetables delivered daily. 

Even if they are the exact same, which one sounds better? Is this marketing? Sure. Does it change the way the product tastes? No. Does one sell better than the other? Since this is hypothetical, we can’t really say, but you can probably guess. 

Now then, how does that relate to your commercial cleaning service menu? Let’s take a look. 

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Cleaning Service Menu

It’s time to update your cleaning service menu with these additions

1. An Expanded List of Services. Remember, your commercial cleaning service menu is both a factual document to guide your prospects and customers AND it’s a piece of marketing material. So what does your menu look like? Does it simply say “office cleaning,” or “hard flooring care?”

Your prospects don’t understand what that entails, which means you have to expand on that list. For instance, there are a lot of different hard flooring materials out there. Be specific about what types of flooring you work with, from reclaimed hardwoods to marble to concrete to cork and anything else. 

The same is true for “Office cleaning.” What does that mean? Get specific. Offices have breakrooms, conference rooms, bathrooms, foyers, employee workstations, gyms, and windows. 

You get the idea. Just listing a room or a type of facility on your commercial cleaning service menu doesn’t give your prospects very much information. And thinking back to our restaurant menu, even if you offer the exact same services as another company, part of winning business is making your services sound appealing. 

2. Details. The details on your cleaning service menu really just take the next step in your expanded listings. To put this into a “real-life” situation, here’s how Maintenance One, headquartered in Stamford, CT, describes its breakroom cleaning: 

“Beyond trash removal and mopping floors, our team will clean refrigerators and coffeemakers, disinfect sinks and countertops, wipe spills from walls and floors, and clean appliance surfaces.”

You can also list your service in classic bullet points, like Phoenix, AZ’s Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners. Here’s a partial list of what’s on their menu: 

  • Doorknob sanitizing
  • Scrubbing of the sinks
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of toilets
  • Replacing paper goods as needed
  • Breakroom cleaning
  • Table wiping down
  • Phone sanitizing
  • Desk and ceiling fan dusting

3. Your expertise. So far, you’ve added a lot to your cleaning service menu, but who’s doing all this work? This is the place to point out your years in business, your certifications, your great reviews, and any awards. This doesn’t have to be extensive. You can add a paragraph at the bottom or top of the page. Something like: 

ABC Commercial Cleaning has been in business for 15 years. We are proud to offer our GBAC STAR Service Accredited janitorial work to businesses in the metro area. All our service technicians have extensive training and are certified in floor care, carpet care, and customer service. 

This is your “elevator speech,” only it’s on paper. 

Of course, you want to include your business phone number, address, and any other contact information, such as social media platforms and your email address. In fact, every piece of paper you hand out should have this information on it. 

And all of this goes on your website, too. It’s one thing to be in front of someone to hand them your service menu, but most of your prospects will look at your website long before you even know they exist. So do your best to get ahead of the curve and make it easy for anyone to choose your commercial cleaning company for their needs. A little effort can go a long way when it comes to marketing.

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