Client homes aren’t the only places to benefit from organization. For local residential cleaning services to be successful—and profitable—they’ll need to start with a little organizing of their own.

If you’ve ever undertaken any project, you know how crucial it is to go in organized. Whether baking cookies, writing a term paper, or cleaning a home, you need to have a plan, a system in place to accomplish that plan, and resources to adhere to that system. It’s especially important for local residential cleaning services to be organized, since they are often working with limited budgets and resources, but are still expected to do the same job (or better) as a larger cleaning service.

But what does staying organized look like for a residential cleaning business? It’s not as simple as maintaining inventory and scheduling jobs. That may be enough when you’re just starting out, but once your business gets off the ground, you’ll need more than mops and manual labor. You’ll need processes, policies, and perseverance.

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Local Residential Cleaning Services

3 Ways local residential cleaning services can succeed

1. Invest in modern technology

A common struggle for many local residential cleaning services is that they don’t have the budgets to invest in the latest janitorial management software. But the truth is that software like Janitorial Manager’s work management system will earn you far more money in the long run than what you spend in the short-term.

Think about it. You’ve got schedules, inventory tracking, work orders, job bids, client profiles, project management, and so much more you need to track for each job. Keeping paper records or using multiple, outdated software systems will have you tearing your hair out trying to stay on top of all the movement within your business.

The right software relieves that stress and saves you time, thereby increasing profits. Not only does such software eliminate many of the administrative hassles for local residential cleaning services, but it also puts you in a position to increase your profits. You can use not only real-time data, but historical data to determine how effective you’ve been on each job, how to stock your inventory in the most cost-efficient way, and how the quality of your work has improved or declined over time. All of these features, used properly, can lead to increased profits without a lot of expense to your business.

2. Develop systems and policies

Whether or not you utilize janitorial management software for your cleaning business, you’ll need to develop systems to stay organized. From clock-in to clock-out, there should be procedures for employees to follow, from stocking to travel to work-flow to closing out a job for the day. If you don’t have one already, you might want to create an employee handbook that details these procedures and make sure to distribute it to all of your employees.

Include policies about the cleaning services you offer, but also about the expectations for employee’s behavior on the job. Especially with local residential cleaning services, where turnover is very high, you’ll want to make it as easy as possible for your employees to succeed, since their success translates to yours. Policies about how to handle different equipment and situations will empower your employees to represent you the way you want, hopefully to customer satisfaction.

3. Stay on top of it

Organizing is one thing. Staying organized is a whole different story. This is where perseverance comes in. Once you get your cleaning business organized, monitor that organization to make sure it’s still working. If you’re using janitorial management software, make sure your employees are all trained on it and that they’re using it correctly. If you’ve stocked your inventory closet a certain way, perform daily checks to make sure it stays that way. Don’t assume that a single act of organization will contribute much to your business. Like anything, you need to manage it.

The main thing for local residential cleaning services to remember is that organization translates into increased profits as long as you continue to provide quality service. Whatever you’re doing now can only be improved with better organization. Especially with the technology available today, you’ll find that organization takes a lot of the pressure out of running a cleaning business, while simultaneously improving employee performance, maximizing the efficiency of your services, and most important, keeping your customers happy. After all, satisfied customers are loyal customers, and that alone translates to more money for your business.

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