Sometimes, what you don’t know can hurt your business. Discover 5 features of janitorial apps you need in your business right away.

The digital age has brought about so many changes in the way people work and communicate with each other. Not only do people use the web for their personal and recreational use, but a lot of businesses have reinvented and reprogrammed themselves to suit the virtual and remote worldHere are some oft-overlooked unique features of janitorial apps that can help your business run more smoothly than ever.. This is true in the janitorial industry, as well, especially with janitorial apps and software.

But how can you know which app to choose? You want an app that covers the day-to-day of your cleaning business – an app that gets the job done and more! After all, when you searched for “Janitorial Apps,” you didn’t just have a single feature in mind, right? 

So what features do you need, exactly? Here are some oft-overlooked unique features of janitorial apps that can help your business run more smoothly than ever.

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Janitorial Apps

These 5 features can make janitorial apps a priceless addition to your commercial cleaning business

1. QR Code technology

Quick Response (QR) code technology does exactly what it sounds like it does: it gives an immediate response by simply scanning the code with your mobile device. It’s super accessible, too. Anyone with a mobile phone can enjoy QR technology.

This tech is used in payment systems and other management systems all over the world! So why isn’t it being used in most janitorial apps? 

With QR codes, instead of using those bulky printed to-do forms, you get a streamlined checklist right on your mobile device when you scan the code. A variety of custom QR codes are placed in their respective locations, with each containing the checklist for that area.

Janitorial Manager is already two steps ahead. Using their Scan4Clean technology, employees can scan room-specific QR codes and easily know what to do and be able to track them. Similarly, your customers can scan the codes to find out when the area was last cleaned. This makes documentation fast and simple!

2. Effortless remote management

Technology has made keeping track of things a lot more straightforward. However, not all apps are built with ease of use and accessibility in mind. Some janitorial apps can be very limited in who can use them, while some you can only use on a single device.

Janitorial apps like Janitorial Manager increase efficiency with the ability to connect everyone involvedfrom the team, to the managers, even to the clients themselves, giving access to any device, be it Android, iOS, or desktop. You can track tasks, inventory, and make changes all in real time. task can be tracked. Keep documentation, evaluations, and inspections within the system to access anytime. Clients can see reports through their own portal customized with your company’s logo, giving your company that professional edge.

3. Digital and seamless work inspection

The goal of many cleaning companies is to have all their cleaners do their jobs with consistent, top-notch quality, so much so that their competitors won’t stand a chance. 

Janitorial Manager’s Janitorial Inspections app gives you the ability to conduct inspections and provide immediate feedback if needed. Your customers, as well, can comment or make requests. This transparency motivates both workers and managers alike, as requirements and work evaluations are based on very human interactions and observations, which the app aims to establish. With its customizable evaluation and feedback interface, you can tailor-make your own forms for your company and clients’ exclusive use.

4. Professional and easy to use mobile bidding

Another great need in the cleaning industry is to have a system that makes it easier for business owners to pitch their proposals to clients. Imagine having an app that can compile everything, from photos to observations, as you go through your client’s building walkthrough and then have it all packaged in a ready-to-email presentation! That would be a dream. 

Janitorial Manager has already realized this dream with its Mobile Bidding system, which allows you to bid your cleaning jobs on the go! No need to wait until you get back to the office to compile your media and build your presentation! Everything is done right in the palm of your hand.

5. Multilingual options for accessibility

In any industry, language barriers contribute to huge problems in management. Language barriers have been tagged as one of the causes for miscommunication between employers and employees, ramping up the time it takes to complete tasks.

The best janitorial apps have an easy-to-use interface for communication, which automatically translates from one language to another. A user simply has to choose their preferred language, and the app will do the rest. It will even translate incoming messages!

Missing a few features could mean missing out on your customers.

Unique features are great if they not only make your app shine, but also make your business shine. The fact of the matter is, not all apps have the features listed here, but having them might mean the difference between winning and keeping a bid or losing out to your competition. 

With any mobile phone and any device, Janitorial Manager is accessible 24/7. It covers a unique range of features that not only sets it apart from other apps, but also gives it the ability to set your cleaning business apart from the rest. With its use of QR code technology, effortless remote management, digital and seamless work inspection, professional and easy-to-use mobile bidding, and multilingual options, it prides itself on being an all-in-one solution for you and your cleaning company. Chat with us today and see how else this solution can benefit your business.

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