Janitorial QR Codes, like Scan4Clean, are widely used in the commercial cleaning industry to improve client and employee retention. But now they can be used by BSCs And In-House Providers as branding and/or advertising technique- all thanks to Janitorial Manager’s latest feature- Branded QR Codes.

What It Is & How It works:

Branded QR Codes are custom logos that can appear in the center of a QR code. BSCs can add their own logo on each QR Code and In-House Providers can do the same. Before QR codes are printed off, JM users can input their logo into the QR codes. From there, the creativity can begin…

Why QR Code Logos for BSCs?

There are over 54,000 independent building service contractors in the United States.

With so many contract cleaners to choose from, BSCs need to get creative and stand out from the competition. Branded QR Codes are a simple and subtitle advertising strategy for the clients of BSCs. But building brand awareness and recognizability is not only for their client’s employees, it’s also for their client’s visitors (like business partners customers). That means BSCs have an opportunity to place their logo in front of the eyes of potential clients and spark their attention- especially if they’re unhappy with their cleaning service.

Branded Qr From Janitorial Manager

So, not only will they be serrating themselves from the competition- they’ll be cleaning it up.

Why QR Code Logos for In-House Providers?

For In-House Providers, Branded QR Codes deliver brand recognition and professionalism throughout the facility. Employees and visitors will know exactly who is cleaning the facility which can make employees more aware of their in-house cleaning team.

At schools and universities, they’re an easy way to promote campus pride. However, its biggest influence can be on prospective students. During a campus visit, a student or parent may see the QR Codes and ask what they are. Or, they can be a selling point by tour guides and faculty. They can mention that the QR codes are for the cleaning department and…

  • They display cleaning checklists for the janitorial staff and allow the public to submit feedback regarding cleanliness.
  • Cleaners use them to ensure a clean and healthy facility.

QR Code Placement

In order for Branded QR Codes to be seen by as many people as possible, their placement should be strategic. If your cleaners service a bathroom, consider adding a QR code directly on equipment that is frequently used like a paper towel dispenser or hand dryer. Or, if you service a conference room, you could add a QR code next to the light switch or next to a TV. No matter where you place them, just make sure they’re in a location that will receive the most views!


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