Cleaning management software does more than just keep tabs on your supplies and services. It can take the stress of scheduling right to the dumpster.

Working on jigsaw puzzles can be a great way to relax. Your average 500-piece puzzle takes around five or six hours to complete, so it’s an ideal project for spending little bits of time on. Ten minutes here and twenty minutes there, and a week later, you have a gorgeous picture of the Swiss Alps or a beach at sunset.

But puzzles have become more complex. No longer is the 500-piece puzzle the most significant challenge on your dining room table. You can find 3D puzzles of castles and globes, 4D cityscapes, double-sided puzzles, and now puzzles that don’t even have a picture – they’re just one plain color.

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with cleaning management software or your scheduling difficulties. However, creating your schedule can feel like a puzzle, and if your workforce has gone from one or two people and a small handful of clients to multiple employees and a range of locations, it might feel like that puzzle has gotten more complicated.

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Cleaning Management Software

Solving the scheduling puzzle with cleaning management software

You already know cleaning management software can help you track supplies, perform inspections, create work orders, and share checklists. What you might not know, however, is that it can also help you and your team work more efficiently, thereby lowering your stress.

1. Verifiable time tracking

Time tracking is often a worry for both employees and employers. By using geo-location to clock in and out, neither has to worry about forgetting to clock in or clock out, and you don’t have to figure out if employees are late or taking the necessary time to do the job. This function can also help you track travel time from one location to the next, so you know if you’re accounting properly for distances.

Furthermore, geo-tracking gives you an accurate picture of labor costs for each location, which will help you keep your budget in line.

2. Schedule with confidence

If you have multiple teams and a variety of locations, you probably have specific employees that you use for those specific jobs. For instance, if you have a medical office as a client, you’ll want to send people who are trained to work with potential bloodborne pathogens and other medical hazards. For a location with carpeting and heavy foot traffic, you want to send a team that specializes in carpet cleaning and care.

With cleaning management software, you can assign the right people to the right place, so you don’t have to worry about who’s working a particular job.

3. Gain insight into tasks

As your team goes through their checklist on a job, some tasks may take more or less time than initially anticipated. Make your schedule more efficient by adjusting times, rerouting your team, and arranging workflow.

In conjunction with time tracking, you can also decide if you need to further train employees on specific tasks or send more (or fewer) people to a location.

4. Reduce downtime

It’s no mystery that payroll is the most significant expense for almost all businesses. Of course, you need employees, and you need to pay them. However, it’s probably fair to say that you’d rather have them working than spending time hunting down supplies or trying to work around malfunctioning equipment.

With cleaning management software, you can ensure your supplies are stocked, your equipment is appropriately maintained, and your team is focused on its job.

5. Get more out of your time

Scheduling stress isn’t just about your employees. You have a schedule of your own to attend to. Cleaning management software can help you make the most of your time through tools that streamline your management and administrative duties.

For instance, creating and distributing checklists is easier when you have a starting template to work with. Once you customize your cleaning checklist for a client, it’s easy to distribute it to your team with an integrated communications app. And because it’s in the cloud, you can update it from anywhere and immediately send it out to your team, so you know you can fulfill any client requests in a matter of a few clicks.

6. Improve communication

Poor communication can easily lead to scheduling issues. When tasks, problems, or even simple instructions don’t get communicated properly, you have to spend more time and energy making sure that your message gets out the right way. With a big crew and multiple teams, that can eat up a significant amount of time.

Cleaning management software with complementary communication and inspection apps can eliminate the need to repeat messages, travel to individual locations, and monitor situations in person.

7. No more paperwork

You could argue that we saved the best for last. Before you break out the champagne, though, it’s important to point out that cleaning management software won’t entirely eliminate the administrative work. It does, however, make the job a lot more manageable. Streamlined scheduling, tracking, budgeting, billing, and ordering can all be managed through the software, making it easy to transfer information, repeat processes, and best of all, find what you’re looking for. And yes, it can eliminate the physical paper part of the paperwork. No more messy offices!

The right cleaning management software won’t take away all of the stress of running your operation. It will, however, help you cut down on all those headaches that come from disorganization and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you have to monitor. And with a more streamlined process, you can spend more time managing your operation successfully and achieving your goals. In the end, isn’t that what any tool should help us do?

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