Is your company culture a little stale? Find out how janitorial service software can freshen things up.

You’re probably wondering how janitorial service software has much of anything to do with company culture. For that matter, maybe you’re wondering what company culture has to do with anything. Fair enough. Let’s begin with the story of Bob Parr working in his cubicle at Insuracare. 

Bob’s boss, Gilbert Huph, is a miserly type who’s only goal is to protect shareholder’s interests, and the office culture reflects that. There’s minimal interaction between employees, the atmosphere is drab, and Bob is regularly reprimanded because his clients mysteriously know how to get through the bureaucracy of insurance claims. 

Then there’s Josh. Josh works for Mr. MacMillan, the owner of FAO Schwarz, a large toy company. Josh’s childlike approach to toys revitalizes the company’s sales. In part, because MacMillan creates a company culture where people like Josh are free to be themselves. The company goes on to thrive. 

These aren’t real stories, of course. You might know Bob Parr as Mr. Incredible from the Disney/Pixar movie, The Incredibles. Josh (whom you may know in real life as Tom Hanks) is the main character in the 1988 hit movie, Big.

Company culture can make a huge difference not just in how much your employees like their job, but also in how that translates to improved business. Happy employees lead to happy customers. Nevermind the fact that every time you have to recruit and hire new people, it cuts into the time you could be working on customer retention and acquisition.

But janitorial service software? How does that improve company culture? 

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Janitorial Service Software

How janitorial service software can improve your business

In no particular order, here are 20 ways the right janitorial service software can lead to a better work environment for you and your team.

1. Improved communication with your team.

Janitorial service software that includes apps like JM Connect can help you communicate directly with your team at any given location.

2. Improved communication among your team.

The JM Connect App also allows colleagues to communicate quickly and easily with one another. 

3. Improved communication with your clients.

Good communication isn’t just for your team. The JM Connect App gives your clients an easy way to reach you in case there are any issues your crew should know about before they reach the location. 

4. Location messaging.

Some sites require more communication than others. With location messaging, you don’t need to keep a notebook anywhere or take the chance of leaving someone out of an important update. All your messages for that site are organized in their own file, ready for anyone working there.  

5. Easily submit time cards.

Employees don’t need to be in the office to clock in, clock out, or send their time cards. 

6. Real-world time management.

You can find out in real-time how long tasks are taking, so you can schedule appropriately. Employees won’t feel overburdened or understaffed. 

7. Improved job verification.

With janitorial service software that includes an inspections app, your team can take photos to verify that they’ve done a top-notch job. 

8. Detailed maintenance checklists.

Digital checklists for maintaining equipment is available to every employee at any time. That makes it easier to take care of the tools your team needs to do their job. 

9. No more broken equipment.

Taking that one step further, by keeping up with equipment maintenance, your employees don’t have to worry about showing up to find malfunctioning equipment at a job site. 

10. No more missing supplies.

Keep track of your inventory, so you know how much you’re using, and when to reorder, so your team will always have the supplies they need to do their job. 

11. Clear instructions.

With digital cleaning checklists, there’s no ambiguity for your team in what they are expected to do – and not do – at a site. 

12. Work more efficiently.

No one likes doing work that could be done more quickly and more efficiently. Janitorial service software improves overall communication and efficiency through easy access to work orders. 

13. More thorough training.

A complete training checklist is easy to reference anytime new employees have questions. 

14. You only need one password.

Keeping all your information in one system means you and your team only need to remember one password to access the information they need to do their job. 

15. More bonuses and raises.

With more efficient operations, there’s more revenue to distribute to your team. Everyone loves more money in their pocket. 

16. Office managers can work without constraints.

With communication and paperwork all in the cloud, your office manager doesn’t have to chase people down or organize piles of files. 

17. Make your team’s job easier.

Detailed task lists and accessible communication help your clients understand exactly what you do. They’ll be more inclined to appreciate your team. 

18. Attract more clients.

Improved and streamlined proposals attract more business, which leads to more job security. 

19. Instant bidding secures more contracts.

With digital bidding and checklist templates built into your janitorial service software, you can share bids with your prospects instantly, giving you the jump on a signed contract. 

20. A client portal.

Janitorial service software with a client portal makes it easy for your clients to share how much they appreciate your team. And who doesn’t love getting a little praise now and then for a job well done?

Company culture doesn’t come up often outside of startups and corporate settings. But the fact is that company culture is everywhere. From every service industry job to commercial cleaning businesses to Fortune 500 companies, culture is one of the essential aspects in defining what you are about as a business. And far too few companies realize how influential a positive, happy company culture is to their bottom line. 

Increase the efficiency of your team, reduce your costs, and improve results. With Janitorial Manager, all this and more isn’t just a dream, it’s your new reality. Contact us for a free demo right now and see how it works!