Is soap dispenser maintenance the bane of your janitorial existence? Don’t miss these bubbly tips.

Mention soap dispenser maintenance in a room full of janitorial professionals, and you’ll get more than a few eye rolls. Sometimes it seems like those things are forever falling off walls, popping open unexpectedly, or getting jammed. And as lovely as it would be for every person who used one to be gentle and kind, we also know that’s not how reality works. 

People treat those poor things like an enemy, slamming their wet hands into the dispenser levers and pushing way too hard on the buttons. Is there any hope? Will soap dispenser maintenance be the end of janitors everywhere? 

Not necessarily. While these important items can create a lot of work for the unsuspecting janitor, they don’t need to. A few simple steps can keep your dispensers in tip-top shape.

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Soap Dispenser Maintenance

How to free yourself from soap dispenser maintenance problems in 5 easy steps

These soap dispenser maintenance and care tips aren’t in any particular order. However, all of them are important to the proper functioning of your dispensers. And when you add them to your checklist and regular maintenance schedule, none of these take very long. In fact, some of these tips, like the first one, are as simple as ordering the correct soap. 

1. Order the right soap. It can be tempting to order something less expensive or trendy, but using the right soap for the dispenser can make a world of difference in how well things function. For example, soaps that are too viscous will clog your dispenser. Additionally, foaming soaps need a specific type of soap dispenser; otherwise, they, too, will clog your equipment. 

2. Keep the nozzle clean. Even when you do use the correct soap, a clogged nozzle is a fact of janitorial life. There’s a simple soap dispenser maintenance task that can prevent this issue. It so happens that this is also how to correct the problem of a clogged nozzle if it does happen. Simply open up your dispenser and remove the soap. Partially fill the reservoir with hot water and pump that through the nozzle. 

3. Keep the soap dispenser clean. Like any of your equipment, keeping your soap dispenser clean can add to its lifespan, plus it looks nice. For the best results, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for this. That said, most of them only require cleaning with a soft, damp cloth or a very small amount of a gentle cleanser. 

4. Don’t lose the key! When it comes to soap dispenser maintenance, this one haunts everyone who’s ever picked up a dust mop. If you lose that key, good luck opening it up to add soap or clean it. Here’s the good news. Many manufacturers have a universal key, so the same key you use to open the toilet paper dispenser, and waste receptacle will also open your soap dispenser. You can also go old-school and attach the key to a large piece of wood.

5. Change the batteries. With touchless dispensers, be sure to change the batteries regularly. How often will depend on how much use your dispenser gets, but you can track this pretty easily if you use janitorial management software. 

The last piece of the soap dispenser maintenance puzzle is putting everything in place. For most of these tasks, you’ll only need to attend to them about once each month, or perhaps a little more or less, depending on how much usage they get. 

As far as keeping the dispenser clean overall, that’s probably already on your kitchen or restroom cleaning checklist. And if for some reason it isn’t, it only adds a minimal amount of time to your work. 

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