To stay organized and efficient, it’s time to add high-quality task-tracking software to your commercial cleaning business.

When you’re just starting your commercial cleaning business, you might not need much more than a laminated spreadsheet and a dry-erase marker to keep up with your tasks. You might even be good with a stack of Post-It notes. But once you grow a little, have a few people working for you, and service multiple locations, those task lists can get complicated. That’s when task-tracking software becomes an invaluable part of your operation. 

Task-tracking software can help you stay organized across locations. Additionally, software makes it easy to communicate when multiple people work at a single location. Rather than trying to track each other down to ask about what was or wasn’t done, a simple glance at the task list can let everyone know where they are at in any process. 

Not only that, but software saves you the headache of printing out lists and updating already-printed cleaning checklists. But which software is the right one for your commercial cleaning business? Here are some of your options. 

If you’re ready to increase the professionalism of your cleaning operation through better organization, easy access to important data, unparalleled tracking, and more, schedule a call with Janitorial Manager today!

Task-Tracking Software

Discover 5 Options for Task-Tracking Software (and Find Out Which is Right for You)

1. Google Sheets: Google Sheets are similar to a traditional spreadsheet, with the most significant difference being that you can share it with anyone just by sending the link. If they have a smartphone, all they have to do is click on the link, and then they can fill out the checklist as they go.  Since it’s updated in real-time, anyone on your team can see what tasks are done and what tasks are remaining. Will you get powerful features like assigning tasks or determining who can see what? No. Again, though, if you need something basic and you’re in a bind, Google Sheets can work. 

2. Todoist: Todoist is a generalized task-tracking software solution. While not exclusive to the commercial cleaning industry, if you run a small operation and just need a basic task checklist, Todoist could work well. You can set recurring tasks, delegate items, and organize them with labels. 

3. Any.do: Any.do is another all-purpose task organizer designed both for individual use and for teams. The software offers calendars, reminders, and templates for inventory tracking and budgeting. Like Todoist, Any.do isn’t specific to commercial cleaning businesses, but it does offer multiple functions that could help streamline your process. 

4. Monday: Monday offers customizable workflows and allows you to assign tasks to specific people and track time. You can also label tasks as assigned, in progress, done, or any other label you need. The visually-based boards are user-friendly and promote quick views of what tasks need to be completed. Additionally, you can protect different sections so only certain users can see them. For example, you could set up your list for Location A, and only the people working in Location A can access the list. Similarly, you can protect Location B so only your team at Location B can see the list. And on it goes. 

5. Janitorial Manager: Yes, we are biased, but we believe that Janitorial Manager is the best task-tracking software for commercial cleaning operations. To begin with, the software is made specifically for organizations in the cleaning industry. And it’s a powerful all-in-one system. For example, you can use Janitorial Manager to track inventory, create bids and proposals with a built-in bidding calculator, track inspections, document procedures, certifications, and work order management. 

Additionally, Janitorial Manager includes a messaging app that streamlines communication among employees, management, and even clients. And naturally, task tracking and management are an integral part of the software. About the only thing Janitorial Manager doesn’t do is scrub the floors, although who knows what the future holds?

As you can see, task-tracking software can be as basic or thorough as you need for your particular situation. You can even go old-school and use Post It notes if you really want to, but we wouldn’t recommend it. 

Take advantage of the value Janitorial Manager can bring to your cleaning operation to streamline your processes like never before. Learn more today with a discovery call and find out how to make your cleaning operation more efficient and cost effective!