2018 is almost over.

Hopefully, you’re ending the year having gained new clients, hardworking cleaners, and valuable experience. With some extra money in your company accounts, you’re probably thinking about how you’re going to invest and make your cleaning company get even better next year. This holiday season, don’t forget to recognize your team’s hard work the whole year through! What better way is there to invest in your company than to make sure your employees feel appreciated for jobs well done?

Unless you’re a one-person show, you’ve probably been relying on your employees to help make your company as successful as it is. Recognizing your employees’ work is not merely the nice thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do. According to the Fortune Global 500 staffing company, Adecco Group, when you reward employees it provides them with three things:

1. A fair return for employees’ work
2. The motivation to improve their work
3. A knowledge of the organization’s behavioral values

The trickiest part of employee rewards is knowing when you should reward your employees. That’s why in this white paper, we highlight 9 reward-worthy scenarios, including rewards for good inspections! You’ll know exactly how to spot a good worker on your team. Once you’ve noticed your best employees that are deserving of rewards, how do you reward them? You have many different options, including rewarding your whole group to singling out some shining individuals. Employee rewards also come at different price points as well, so we have ideas about major rewards (like a raise or a promotion) and affordable acknowledgments (like handwritten thank you notes).

Good work can sometimes be difficult to track. That’s why janitorial software exists. With janitorial software, you can perform inspections and create reports that will give you a clear idea of how well your employees are performing. Put a bow on a stellar work year by showing some well-deserved appreciation to your best employees and download this white paper now!