Have you ever been in a position when you needed to make a decision, but you knew you were lacking some essential information? Perhaps you’ve experienced those frustrating thoughts of, “If only I had (x)…” or “I wish I knew (y)…”.

You must realize that this lack of access to key details is not isolated to just your commercial cleaning business.

You – and other small business owners just like you – need to be able to get down to the brass tacks of business to discover the pertinent data that can help your business grow, support your employees’ efforts, and enhance your clients’ satisfaction.

For example, your client asks you to quote an increase to their current contract. How quickly can you build a quote?

  • Can you quickly see if/where you’re losing money in their existing contract?  
  • Could you make accommodations in the new bid to reclaim some of those losses?
  • Do you have adequate staffing to cover the increased demand?
  • Is this even a good client for your bottom line?

Expanding existing clients (or capturing new ones!) can be a big opportunity or a costly investment. You must be able to get down and dirty in the nitty gritty details of new work orders before pulling the trigger!

Or, perhaps you were considering a new hire and had a negative gut-reaction, but you couldn’t quite determine why…

The revolving door of employees in commercial janitorial businesses is incredibly frustrating. You may literally discover you’ve hired and fired the same person multiple times over a few years, often without even being able to remember why they didn’t work out the first time around! While it’s possible that you documented the issues on a form at one time, in a pinch, you find yourself reacting without having the time to go find that piece of paper and make an informed hiring decision!

You need a quick and easy, all-in-on-place way to review employee information, completed inspection reports and specific details on their employment history with you.

Maybe you need to raise rates for a client, but you lack hard data to back up your proposal…

Calculating labor expenses, reviewing standardized reports, and tracking supply costs allow you to identify the clients, contracts, and industries that are the most profitable.

While the data for each client is only as accurate as the information that is entered, having access to simple, easy-to-read dashboards and expanded reports would give you the clout needed to explain and make any necessary changes.

Enter: Cleaning Management Software

Cleaning management software – like that available from Janitorial Manager – equips you and your team with an efficient and effective structure to collect and analyze all of the above information and much more. With this essential data, you can determine the best next steps to move you towards success!

If you are:

  • Sick of scrambling to collect pertinent information for new work orders or potential new opportunities…
  • Done trying to slam a revolving door of employee turnover…
  • Tired of trying to keep a unprofitable client above water…

It’s time to consider implementing Janitorial Manager into your business. Contact us TODAY for a free demo of how much a quality cleaning management software can help you!