Commercial Cleaning Software = Tech Tools for Your Team

When you stop and consider the developments in technology that we’ve experienced over the last ten years, the advancements are staggering. You’re probably not still using a bag phone for mobile communications, so why would you keep any similarly outdated technology? It’s time to upgrade to commercial cleaning software that can help your business keep up with the modern age!

The Technology of Commercial Cleaning Software

Microsoft Excel and other software have become outdated compared to what is now available. Instead, systems have progressed to a level of providing useful, fully integrated tools for essential processes like:

The janitorial industry may not be glamorous, but nothing says that it can’t be tech-savvy and streamlined!

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Advancing at the Speed of Business

Technology not only affects our personal lives – think of smartphones, tablets, GPS navigation, and so on – but it also directly impacts the way we do business. In order to remain competitive, we must keep up with the changing times. It’s no longer an option. Your customers expect to see that you are equipping your team with technology that will bring them up to par with the other commercial cleaning companies who are bidding against you. If you are behind, you’re easily cut from the list. Some of the results of tech tools that your customers are expecting you to offer may include:

  • Efficient systems Work orders, tag work, inspections, timekeeping… customers are looking for digital ways to participate, track, and prove these processes. They are looking for the ease and automation that commercial cleaning software technology provides.
  • Prepared cleaners Even if your customers don’t see how you keep your cleaning team trained and equipped, they will certainly see the results… good or bad. The quality of your employees’ work is a direct reflection on your ability to manage your business effectively, using the right tools of the trade. Utilize readily-accessible and customizable checklists to make sure your cleaners learn and remember to complete every task required at each of your customers’ locations. Quality counts!
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  • Competitive pricing Again, your customers may not see how you manage to provide competitive pricing for the level of work that you assure them you can offer. But one of the ways that you can keep your costs at a manageable level is to keep your labor expenses under control. If you can’t keep a constant eye on the accuracy of submitted timecards, if you’re unwittingly assigning far too much overtime in the wrong places, or if you’re losing customers due to poorly managed inspections corrections, accounts can quickly become unprofitable. Consider the power you gain by using a commercial cleaning software featuring time-keeping integrations (like Chronotek), and quick, easy-to-read dashboard views for accurate scheduling, expense tracking, labor estimates, and real-time profitability reports. You’ll be able to find where you’re financially hemorrhaging and stop the bleed! When you save money, you can then save your customer money.
  • Dependability and longevity In order for your business to succeed long-term, you need to have a firm grasp on the business end of your operations. Without commercial cleaning software, you run the risk of losing track of estimates, billing, payroll, inventory management, and all the other moving parts and pieces of the record-keeping process.
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Use the Techy Tools at Your Fingertips

First, your customers should not have to wait an inordinate amount of time to receive their bills. And you should not have to wait until the end of the year to check the profitability of your different accounts. Second, your customers shouldn’t feel constrained to inefficient methods of communicating their needs with you. And you shouldn’t have to discover an issue with the quality of an employee’s performance only after it’s too late to salvage your relationship with the customer. Instead, your customers should feel comfortable and confident in your ability to perform at the top of your game. You can self-assuredly step into the future of your business with commercial cleaning software that gives you access to real-time reports and measurable automated results. If you’re ready to discover the tech tools of today that will empower your team to succeed, contact Janitorial Manager for a FREE live demo of commercial cleaning software that can do the trick!

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