Find out why face recognition is important for janitorial companies and employees who want to maintain a good reputation.

There are some prized contracts in the commercial cleaning industry. Jobs with government agencies, banks, and medical facilities generally come with steady, long-term contracts and good pay. If your janitorial company keeps bidding on these jobs and keeps losing, it might be time to think about why face recognition is important for your company. 

Many of these contracts would put your team into facilities that require a high level of security due to the amount of personal, financial, or other sensitive information on site. With software that includes face recognition as part of your employee time tracking, you can guarantee any potential clients that only approved janitorial employees would enter a building. 

Of course, for you, there’s another reason why face recognition is important: buddy punching. Especially with so much of your work taking place in different facilities, it’s not hard for someone to take advantage of the system and have a friend clock them in if they are running late or not coming in at all. 

That can add up quickly not only for your business bank account, but also in the resulting poor quality of work. Clients who aren’t getting the service they pay for will move on to another commercial cleaning business. 

It’s clear how your business and clients can benefit from software with face recognition capabilities. But employees, too, can benefit. 

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Why Face Recognition Is Important

3 Reasons why face recognition is important to help employees thrive at work

So often, when we think about why face recognition is important, we focus on the business or clients. However, what gets overlooked is that there are so many positives for your janitorial employees, too. 

First, let’s look at how the technology works – at least for our purposes. Janitorial Manager offers several ways for employees to clock in and out of jobs. Two of those that work together are geofencing and face recognition. Geofencing uses GPS locations as one parameter for clocking in and out. Once an employee enters the location you’ve pinned, they are automatically clocked in. 

By itself, geofencing is a great way to help ensure the right people are at the correct location at the appropriate time. However, you can step that up to next-level verification by including biometric measures such as facial recognition. Of course, employees can still use their own device or a shared device to clock in and out, but facial recognition in conjunction with geofencing can ensure someone is where they claim to be. 

But that still doesn’t explain why face recognition is important for your team. Here are three of the most significant benefits it can offer janitorial employees. 

1. Ensures Your Employees Are Working With An Entire Team. With buddy punching, your team ends up working understaffed. That means either that the people there have to work harder or that the job won’t get done correctly. Janitorial work is already hard without doing extra work to cover someone who isn’t there helping you. Not only that, but it ensures people on your team don’t end up working with a sub that can’t do the job. 

2. It Helps Ensure Employees Get Paid Properly. With a combination of geofencing and facial recognition, it’s a lot less likely anyone would forget to clock in. Plus, you have “proof” that you’re in a particular location. So your employees can feel secure knowing they’ll get paid for any extra time they put into doing a job to the high standards your customers expect. Additionally, employees have a history of work documented should there ever be discrepancies. Because, despite your best intentions, mistakes happen. With the verified clock in and out times, it’s a simple matter of looking back at the records and adjusting. 

3. Offers Security In After-Hours Situations. There’s so much to be said for personal safety when your team works late or in out-of-the-way locations. Among the many ways to watch out for your team’s safety is to make sure the people in a location are the ones who are supposed to be there. This could be the most significant reason why face recognition is important to your janitorial team. So they – and you – know who is on location, when they arrive, and what time they leave. 

Using software (like Janitorial Manager!) with strong valuable features gives you, your team, and your customers an extra level of security and the knowledge that everyone’s hard work is recognized.

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