There are many things you can do to strengthen your business within the cleaning industry and we can all agree that knowledge is power. Instead of reaching around the dark, many are utilizing their network and joining industry groups in order to pull from the expertise of those who have already built their keys to success.

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Podcast Transcription

About This Guest:

Todd Hopkins

Todd Hopkins

President - BSCAI

Todd Hopkins is the current president of BSCAI, of which he has been a member since 1993. He joined a year after starting his own cleaning business, a franchising company called Office Pride.

BSCAI, or Building Service Contractors Association International, is a well-known industry group that acts as one of the biggest resource groups for the building service contractors in the United States and Canada. BSCAI is a collection of professionals in all stages of their business. Some are new to the organization and are the biggest receivers of knowledge and others have been in the industry and organization for years, like Todd, and are now able to give back and pass on their knowledge.

The Benefits of Industry Groups

BSCAI is 55 years old and consists of a Board of Directors that are chosen by elections every year. The group is the bringing together of leaders and knowledge, so it offers years of learning and growth for those who join. That is the purpose of industry groups.

The reason new or existing businesses join such groups is to better themselves and their businesses. They come in search of information, resources, and a chance to expand their professional networks. A good industry group will offer a chance for growth to those willing to put in the work. 

Someone might ask why to join an industry group when information is so abundant online and most of it is free. The truth is that it’s hard to sort through the useful information and the information that shouldn’t have been posted, to begin with. Not only that, but not everything you learn may be useful to your business specifically. Without guidance, it could take you a lot longer to get your business on its feet and it will take many more mistakes along the way. It also may be a lot harder to connect with other industry members and expand your network.


BSCAI is 55 years old and for building service contractors specifically, a collection of leaders in the same segment of the cleaning industry. It is made of more than 1,000 member companies throughout the US and Canada. Businesses range in size from large corporations to small family groups that stay local.

Each year they have an executive conference and their annual conference. This year they are introducing virtual member receptions thanks in part to what they have learned in the mostly-remote world created by the pandemic. There are also many certifications and awards available throughout the years. 

Listen to our episode with Todd to learn more about what BSCAI is able to accomplish.

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