No matter how much the world changes, some things will remain relatively true. For example, starting a cleaning business is hard work. It takes a lot of knowledge, resourcefulness, skill, and connectivity to succeed.

There are various ways an ambitious entrepreneur can approach doing so. One of those ways is to look at franchising options and create your business around a brand that is already established and going strong. Franchising companies like Office Pride provide resources, education, networking opportunities, recognized branding, and help raise the standard for cleaning.

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Podcast Transcription

About This Guest:

Todd Hopkins

Todd Hopkins

President & CEO - Office Pride

Todd Hopkins is the founder and CEO of Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services, which he started in 1992 after a successful research paper at Butler University. 

Office Pride is headquartered in Palm Harbor, Florida, and has 135 franchises in 25 states. They follow a franchising model that focuses on a strong franchise relationship and exceptional quality services. The business that Todd theorized in his MBA program came to life shortly after and has continued to grow and strengthen over the years, providing a strong front of unity and support during ever-changing and turbulent markets

Why Work with a Franchise Company

When a person thinks of franchising they typically think of the big fast food places that can be found every 15 minutes or less during your drive to work. However, franchising is a viable option outside of fast food as well. In fact, there are few franchising companies within the cleaning industry, one of the notable ones being Office Pride. 

Franchising allows for various benefits that ease the way of starting and running a business. They allow the new company to come in with established branding, coaching, and advice, make use of larger partnership packages, and build on the knowledge and expertise of professionals already in the industry without being in competition with them.

Utilizing what a large franchise company has to offer as you embark on your journey as a new business owner means that you don’t spend years refining details, developing processes, and creating brand awareness.  

What to Look For in a Good Franchising Company

Picking a good company to partner with to create your cleaning business is a make or break type of decision.

Start by looking for a company that puts a lot of thought into who they work with for their franchises. If a company has more franchisees than it can really help grow and dedicate time to then you can’t expect to have the help you’re seeking through the relationship.

Here are some things we found that Office Pride does to set themselves and their franchisees up for success:

  • Coaching
  • Easy access to the latest resources and information 
  • Exclusive conferencing and learning opportunities
  • Branding and marketing resources
  • An extensive interview process to determine fit before a franchisee joins

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