Running a cleaning business takes a lot of work and most of your time is likely focused on improving the trade, your employees, and your customers, but are you continuing to network and connect to your community, or are you missing out on the opportunity?

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Podcast Transcription

About This Guest:

Amanda Villarreal

Amanda Villarreal

Co-founder and Managing Member at PLEX Capital

Amanda Villarreal is the co-founder and managing member at PLEX Capital, an invoice factoring business that provides working capital for businesses, and in particular, cleaning businesses. 

We brought Amanda back, because it is through the power of her networking and drive to create connections that she has launched so much success in the last few years. It all started with a local rotary club but also blossomed into a multitude of opportunities and recognition.

Why Networking is Always Relevant

Maybe you already have a solid customer base and several connections beneficial for your business. You might be thinking that there’s no need to continue networking and building your community connections, but what are you leaving on the table?

Continued networking has many benefits that aren’t immediately obvious and Amanda is the perfect example. The truth is becoming a respected and well-known member of certain circles of your community can open you open to an abundance of opportunities. 

Need investors? Trying to establish your brand as reliable and dependable? Large market shifts creating a decrease in revenue from your normal customer base? 

People buy from and invest in those they know. They help those they know, but if the first time you approach someone is to gain something from then they are less likely to be interested in helping you. 

Not only that, but you may find chances to connect to new opportunities and expand your market organically and much more quickly than you would have otherwise.

The Best Approach to Networking

When picturing networking, most people envision a conference, business suits, and business cards, maybe the occasional coffee meeting. 

The problem with that idea is that it’s very impersonal and the follow-up within that mindset is sometimes lacking. 

True networking involves creating a bond and relationship that is beneficial to both parties. Instead of seeking people out when you need something or to gain something, approach others with the intent to bring value to them

The benefits of building a strong and reliable network within your community will come over time, but the important thing is to not be greedy about it or people will sense that.

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