It’s a new year, and everyone is looking for a win. You want to start the year in the red, you want your business to prosper, you’re working harder than ever before. If you’ve been in the commercial cleaning industry for any length of time, you know that you need as many tools are you can get your hands on to keep moving forward and to outshine your competition in order to keep your clientele happy and your employees, well, employed! If you’re overseeing any kind of cleaning business, your options may seem endless – you would have to be a genius (or have a huge work force) to utilize everything out there. But if you’re considering using a tool like commercial cleaning software, one of the best attributes available to you within that software is work order management.

How Does it Work?

Any maintenance software out there has its own bells and whistles, but anything worth the investment should be able to help you win in your day-to-day efforts. Work order management software is a cloud-based management system – it’s like having a magic project manager for every aspect of a cleaning job, especially if the software has a mobile app that you can take wherever you go. Imagine being able to schedule each work order efficiently, track your employees progress, ensure the correct inventory is available and keep an eye on your budget, all at the same time. Sounds incredible, right? That’s what work order software can do!

Get the Win!

Work orders are the lifeblood of your business, but they may feel like the bane of your existence – if it takes too long, if it’s not organized, if the client isn’t satisfied, it’s easy to feel like you’re losing in every area. You can think back on past years of service and can easily pinpoint the issues with work orders, or maybe you feel like it’s all out of your control. Take back that control and get the win – here are three specific advantages to work order software.


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Win #1: Eliminate the Paper

We’ve all dealt with the mess caused by a hefty paper trail for a work order – any time anything changes, there’s a new piece of paper to deal with. You can knock that paper trail out by creating digital work orders that encapsulate every bit of information needed for each job, even when changes occur. When a work order comes in, you can immediately pull up the app on your phone or tablet and see a notification from the customer, removing any need for a sticky note or a paper calendar entry. You can assign an employee to that order, giving them access to all of the information they might need to execute their job, including the client’s contact information, deadlines or appointment times, any notes from the client, and any task that needs to be completed.

Win #2: Track Everything

It’s easy to fall into the habit of scrambling to cover every area of a job, especially if that’s how you’re used to doing things. Your to-do list dominates your day, keeping you focused on things you don’t need to focus on. But all of that can change! Whether it’s your employee’s progress on a job, knowing which materials are used and where, or verifying an inspection, you can track everything for every job with work management software. You can track billable hours and invoicing, as well as your budget for each job, ensuring that you stay in the red and keeping your employees in check. You can see the work order or reference number for any client and you can verify the time and date for every order scheduled and when each one was completed. You don’t ever have to scramble again!

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Win #3: Improved Communication

Sometimes the biggest obstacle to any type of work is inefficient communication. We’ve all been there – a customer calls to have a job done, but the person who received the call is busy, so they miss some of the details in the conversation. That leads to an incomplete work order, which results in an unfinished job and an unhappy client. Or you have an employee working on a job, but the client contacts you and makes a change, but you have no way of getting a hold of your staff to let them know – again, no one is happy. Work order software eliminates all of that mess – you can stay in real-time communication with your employees, you can address any concerns or questions your customers may have with a client portal, and because you have access to any needed information for each job, you can pass along any changes quickly and efficiently.

If you need a win for your commercial cleaning company, look no further – work order management software is the right choice, and Janitorial Manager is the partner you’re looking for. We can assess your company’s needs, give you a free demo of our software, and provide you with a fair quote for our services and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your business bases are covered! Give us a call today!   


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