You’re a Cleaning Company! Why is Your Office Dirty?

While starting a professional cleaning service business can be difficult and tedious, those who can make it through the hard times of a start-up will see some pretty lucrative benefits. If you can handle that, then you should already have a lot of ideas about how you would run your business. What does your schedule look like? How many employees do you need to have? What will your office look like? How can you best serve your customers? These are all valid questions to process. But have you thought about how you will keep your office clean? It may sound like an irrelevant question (you are a cleaning company, right?!) but a lot of business owners focus all of their attention and energy on running their business, not on the cleanliness of their own facility. They fail to take into consideration how their customers might feel walking into their office or building. What your office looks like (good or bad) can say a lot to a customer before he or she even meets you or hires you for your services.

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A Well-Rounded Approach to Cleanliness

If you take a good look at your office you’ll probably notice out of place items, dirty items, or even items that should be thrown away. But when a customer comes into your office looking to hire a cleaning company, he or she will undoubtedly see the smallest, dirtiest details throughout your space (every speck of dust, every cobweb, and every piece of trash). If the customer sees lots of dirty details, he or she will walk right back out the door. You may be thinking – what if they don’t come to the office to hire us? What if they contact us via our website or by calling? Well, that plays a part in the cleanliness of your space also. People want to see professionalism, whether it’s on the phone, via a well-done website, in conversation with your staff, and in having your office in order. In fact, these are the main areas to consider if you want to have the cleanest office possible:

Your Website

In today’s technological culture, your website or social presence is basically your business card. If someone is looking to hire cleaning company services, he or she is going to first do a search online. What does your website say about your cleaning company? Do you even have a website? What about social media? You could get lost in the list of never-ending resources about marketing, social media platforms, and web hosting, but here are the main points to be aware of when creating or maintaining your web presence:

  • It’s worth your time and money – Your business won’t go far if you aren’t maintaining some sort of professional online presence. Spending some extra money on website development and social engineering is completely worth it. You will thank yourself later for putting in the effort today.
  • Keep it clean – It may sound like a pun, but keeping your business website clean, to-the-point, and regularly updated is huge. People have to be able to find the information they need quickly and efficiently, so make sure whoever designs your website bears that in mind.
  • Utilize every resource – Whether it’s hiring someone to handle IT/web maintenance, reading a book about social marketing, or talking to other cleaning companies who have a good online presence, get the help you need to make the best online presence ever.
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    Your Staff

    Whether you have a large staff or it’s just you handling your cleaning business, it’s your job to ensure that you and your people know what they’re doing and how to do it professionally. The first impression your customers will have of your company is the one that your staff makes. If you treat your team like a team, train them well, and compensate them fairly, you’re on your way to having a very successful cleaning business. But if you treat your staff like a burden, assume that they know what they’re doing on the job or in the office, or pay them unfairly or inconsistently, you won’t have a business to speak of for much longer. An investment in your staff is ultimately an investment in your businesshappy employees keep their customers happy, and happy customers highly recommend and review the businesses they hire. Here are some basic rules to help you train your staff:

  • Communication – Whether on the phone, in an email, on the job site, you need to make sure your staff knows how to communicate with clientele. Answering the phone professionally, responding to emails (possibly using a template you create to maintain fluidity), and handling business on the job are all areas to consider in training.
  • Cleaning – Whether you clean businesses, bathrooms, or ballparks, your staff needs to fully understand your methods for cleaning, including what products to use, how to handle cleaning issues, and how to maintain professionalism while on a job site.
  • Community – Your staff needs to work well with each other to be successful. Likewise, your company needs to work well with the surrounding community. Think about giving back to the community or making a donation to a specific need. If one of your customers needs something that you can’t offer, recommend another company in your area that can meet that need, rather than attempting something you shouldn’t.
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    Your Office

    If your company handles cleaning businesses all day, it may be an easy task to have your team keep their office area clean. But if your business is focused elsewhere (like cleaning large structures, or floor refinishing, or maid services for homes), then keeping an office clean may not be high on your priority list. Maybe it’s time to hire a specific office cleaning company to handle your space. Or you could take a day to have your staff help you organize and declutter your facility…use whatever works best for you. This includes cleaning inventory closets or carts, cubicles, personal offices, kitchens, bathrooms, and floors.

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    Cleanliness at Its Finest

    If you’re looking for ways to clean up your business, you need the right tools to handle the job, and Janitorial Manager is the right tool for you. Our business management software program allows you to maintain a consistent workflow throughout every area of your business, helping you with communication, scheduling, work orders, inventory, and more. Give us a call or schedule a free demo today!