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How does Janitorial Manager work?

Janitorial Manager was designed by professionals with decades of experience in the commercial cleaning industry. It is not a generic piece of software crudely adapted to fit an unrelated industry, but a custom tailor package geared to control costs and maximize profits. It is designed by janitors for janitors to help better manage their day to day operations. 

We provide free software demos scheduled at your convenience. Sessions can be accessed on any computer or tablet and typically last about 1-hour. During this presentation, we will discuss what issues you are trying to solve and show you, in live time, how Janitorial Manager can help manage those issues while providing great lift for moral in your staff.

How do customers, employees, and managers use Janitorial Manager?

Your Customers

  • Your company logo
  • Service request input
  • Supply request input
  • Feedback input
  • Inspection history report
  • All items can be activated/ deactivated on a client by client basis

Office Managers

  • Organize operations
  • Understand who’s doing what
  • Communicate to employees
  • Track Inventory
  • Track employees

Region/Field Staff/Site Coordinators

  • Manage billable tasks
  • Access work orders and schedules
  • Problem solve
  • Ensure quality and contract compliance
  • Stay on top of budgets and financials
Sort buyers

Quality Control/Inspectors

  • Manage inspection checklists
  • Report problems

Cleaning Crews

  • Online time management
  • Views cleaning instructions
  • Close work orders
  • Manage cleaning supplies
Sort buyers


  • View financial reports
  • Manage quality control
  • Plan cleaning schedules
  • Reduce paperwork

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