Distributor Program for Janitorial Manager

Thank you for expressing an interest in the distributor program for Janitorial Manager. We appreciate forming relationships with distributors in the industry. Click the learn more button below to read more about this program and submit a form to learn more.

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What is the Value JM Brings to Distributors?

  • Solidify Your Relationship with Your Customer by Bringing them Innovation
  • Provide a Solution to Differentiate from Your Competition
  • Drive Orders and Add on Sales
  • Generate Higher Margins
  • Exclusivity with Distributor Special Pricing
  • Marketing Partnership

Distributor Partnership with Janitorial Manager Includes:

    • Exclusivity
    • Lucrative Referral Program
    • Personalized Portal to Track Referrals and Sales
    • Monthly Updates and Quarterly Meetings on Progress, Challenges, and Future Planning (or as needed and requested)
    • Sales Support/Joint in Person Sales Calls with End Users
    • Recognition on JM Web Site as Valued Partner to Drive Referral Business to Distributor
    • API Integrations for End User Ease of Ordering**



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