Industries That Use Janitorial Manager™

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Janitorial Manager Is Used By All Types of Companies That Engage In Cleaning Activities.


Facility service providers that are contacted by business give businesses an advantage with not only a clean work environment but when using JM puts some power back in the businesses hands.


Facility cleaners at Colleges/Universities, Trade Schools, or other secondary education can use JM to keep better track of what they are cleaning and estimating the time it takes to clean buildings.

Hospitality/Food Service

Are You in charge of cleaning hotels, restaurants, or other entertainment venues? We have you covered! JM is built to give you the power to be more efficient in cleaning these properties.

Property Managers

Property managers can find great value in Janitorial Manager. It will allow your cleaning company to keep you up to date with current issues or when inventory needs to be purchased.


Owners and employees of a franchise can now be on the same page when using JM. Owners now can make sure cleaning processes are being completed efficiently and accurately.


Keeping public areas clean is important because they make the first impact to the public. JM can help keep businesses and officials up to date with what is going on in their facility


Stadium and arena facilities are important to those attending events. JM help you have the confidence each location stadium or arena is properly cleaned.


Keeping your patients’ environment and your facility in great health is the key to maintaining your building. Janitorial Manager can help! You have consistent results across your location.

Janitorial Manager Is Used By…
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  • Franchises
  • Independents


  • Higher Education
  • Professional & Trade Schools
  • Secondary Education

Hospitality/Food Service

  • Hotel/ Motels
  • Amusement Parks
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Restaurants

Property Managers

  • Apartment Complexes
  • Strip Malls
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