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Innovative Solution to Track, Validate, Communicate, and Document Your Work.

The Client Portal feature in Janitorial Manager empowers a cleaning company’s clients so that they are constantly aware of what’s happening in their buildings. Clients can submit work orders and let the cleaning company know if additional work is needed.

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Stay Connected: How to Effectively Use a Client Portal

In this day and age, the idea of staying connected is pretty passé – everyone has a smartphone, a tablet or a computer, and there are so many social media outlets and types of communication available that staying in touch should be easy. But if you do any kind of research on client satisfaction, the biggest area where improvement is needed is communication. Good communication can cut through the flood of information that bombards clients in a world of constant connectivity.

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Give Your Clients Access to JM From Any Phone At Any Time.

The Ability to Communicate Seamlessly With Cleaning Staff – In Live Time!

Manage Multiple Locations From One Portal

The Client Portal feature of Janitorial Manager enables your clients to oversee multiple cleaning locations that your teams clean for them. This gives your clients the power to make sure each location meets their cleaning standards. Members of the cleaning team can also communicate with the client about specific issues so there’s less confusion!

Submit Operational Requests

We believe that clients shouldn’t hesitate to communicate directly with their cleaning team. In the Client Portal, clients can submit supply requests, complaints, custom service requests (work orders), constructive feedback for your cleaning staff, inspection requests, or even quick thank you’s for a great job.

Communication With Cleaning Staff

At Janitorial Manager, we are firm believers that communication is the key to client retention, returning business, and referrals. We built our Client Portal to help aid in the communication between your cleaning team and your clients. This allows you to be more responsive to your client in real-time, making them feel as if they are the only client you have.

Track Requests & Work Orders

With the Client Portal feature, clients are able to submit work orders in real time to add requests. Clients can also track the progress for each submitted request. Receiving and completing requests has never been easier than with the Client Portal in Janitorial Manager!

Improve Client Retention

At Janitorial Manager, we know client retention is a major industry issue. This is yet another reason behind the Client Portal. We believe that the key to client retention in the janitorial industry is better communication with your clients. Being able to notify customers about their submitted work orders, chat with them about issues they’re having, and receive feedback about your services helps each customer to feel important and valued by your business.

Live Time Notifications

No more false and unreliable information sent to your phone! Janitorial Manager keeps you updated on the status of each location. We support you in making sure that your staff is cleaning the locations correctly the first time. Management also always knows where employees are and for how long, ensuring employees are honest about their whereabouts and keeping clients and customers happy!


Janitorial operations that use a robust janitorial software like Janitorial Manager will be able to validate, track, and document their essential services to set themselves apart from their peers, gain greater budgetary success, and operate in a more professional and efficient manner.

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