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How Do I Keep My Cleaning Business Organized?

Running a successful cleaning business isn’t easy. But the more organized you are, the easier it gets. Janitorial accounting software for your cleaning business is just one of many ways to organize your operation so you can stay on top of your game.

How to Choose Accounting Software?

Choosing the right janitorial accounting software for your business can make all the difference. There’s good news. Our cleaning service software is tailored to the commercial cleaning industry and is easy to track P&L as well as your income and expenses. Set your cleaning business up for success! 

Top Features of Our Janitorial Accounting Software

Interactive Dashboard

Pinpoint positive and negative trends so you can make smarter business decisions. Our accounting software solution gives you a birds-eye view of your profit/loss, income vs expenses, and much more.

Determine Overall Job Cost

Not all accounting software is created equal. Our cleaning business software goes beyond the basics so you will know which customers and jobs are profitable, and which ones are not. From there, simply adjust your operation and soar! Learn more about Job Costing.



All invoicing is seamlessly tied into your accounting. It’s easy to add taxes, payment terms, etc. If you need to make an invoice recurring, you can do that too. Best of all, invoices are documented in one spot for easy recordkeeping.

Tailored To You

Unlike other accounting software, ours was built with you in mind. For years we have been gathering and implementing feedback from successful commercial cleaning companies. Our cleaning management software has the accounting solution you need!

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