Janitorial Time Tracking With Janitorial Manager

The janitorial time tracking feature in Janitorial Manager allows managers and owners of cleaning companies to save time by automating the clock in and clock out process for their employees.

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Track Employee Work Hours

There are multiple ways to clock in and clock out of a location in Janitorial Manager. No more guessing or taking an employee’s word for how many hours they’ve worked. Employees should not be able to send texts from their house claiming to be at a work location! With JM you have the ability to keep better track of your labor expenses so you can accurately meet the margins expected per location cleaned.

Clock In & Clock Out Using Geo-Location

Janitorial Manager now gives staff members the ability to clock in and out using geolocation. This feature will not allow the employee to check in or out unless they are within the geofence (set by the manager or owner of the company) of the location they are supposed to clean. This feature also gives the manager the ability to track employees’ travel time to each location on their schedule. If a staff member doesn’t have the ability to use their location setting on their phone, there is an option for a manual clock in and out.

Stay On Your Location Budget

Easily keep track of whether you are meeting the margins you want per location based on the time it takes to properly clean each location. From your original bid, using the official ISSA 612 time and tasks standards within JM’s ISSA Calculator for Job Bidding, you can judge if your employees are cleaning locations as efficiently as they should be based on the industry standards. Doing this allows management to make decisions to move other employees to that location or re-evaluate the contract with the customer.

Review Submitted Time Cards

Review time cards in live time before pushing them to payroll and your billing system. No more manual work in calculating how much an employee earned. Janitorial Manager’s customers can see and edit submitted time cards to ensure consistency. If you don’t want to log into the system, you can export the current time sheets to do any immediate cleaning.

Live Time Notifications

No more false and unreliable information sent to your phone! The Janitorial Manager janitorial time tracking feature keeps management updated with who failed to show up at a certain location or who didn’t clock out of a certain location. We like to keep management notified of the happenings in their organization, which in turn helps keep your customers happy!

Improve Employee Performance

With Janitorial Manager, management can see where employees are struggling. Employees could be having trouble arriving on time to locations or just taking too long to complete tasks. Using the JM janitorial time tracking feature gives you the ability to coach your staff based on real results from the field.

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Other Features Include:


Customized inspections can be filled out in the field. Administrators can make sure inspections meet company standards.

Client Portal

Allows direct communication between you and your clients. This feature allows you to use your own branding and keep in contact with your customers.

Employee Tracking

Allows administrators to track employee performance and attendance. You can also take a detailed look at employee performance over the year.

Work Orders

Create, track, and manage work orders. You can filter orders by quoted, scheduled, and completed. This helps better manage a job’s ROI.

“Our franchise has used multiple different software scheduling programs in the past.  We’ve been searching for something that was easy to use and practical.  When we did the free demo with Janitorial Manager, we know our search was over.  It was very easy to populate our information and get up and running in no time.  Our scheduling issues are a thing of the past.  Our business has tripled in the time we started using Janitorial Manager!  I can’t imagine not using this awesome tool as our go-to daily software.  From schedules, budgets, work orders, employee and client information, it’s all there.  If you aren’t using Janitorial Manager right now, you’re really missing out!”

Kevin J. McAdoo

Business Owner/CEO/COO, Office Pride