Janitorial Time Tracking

Intuitive AND Easy to Use! 

Our janitorial time tracker feature in JM gives BSCs and facility operations multiple timekeeping methods. Save time, eliminate key problems, and give your employees a time-tracking solution they want to use.

Janitorial Time Tracking

“The timekeeping feature within JM has quickly become the most valuable tool for our company. It makes our payroll process a lot quicker, more efficient, and with much fewer errors.”

– Amy S.

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Boosting Profitability & More in Your Cleaning Business with Janitorial Timekeeping

How Janitorial Time Keeping Can Help?

Multiple timekeeping methods allow you to make the decision as to which will work best for your cleaning operation. In developing this functionality in our mobile clean time tracking app, our goal is to help save you time, eliminate errors, and be the solution to issues you have faced in the past when it comes to proper timekeeping.

Improve Employee Performance

With Janitorial Manager, management can see where employees are struggling. Employees may have trouble arriving on time to locations or just taking too long to complete tasks. Using our time-tracking tool paired with geofencing, you can coach a crew member based on real results from the field.

Knowledge to Make Decisions

Sudden cleaning requests and employee call–offs can put a roadblock in your cleaning operation. But with Who’s Working, you can react faster and make sure you have the staff you need to service your facilities. Instantly see who is clocked in and out, and view a map to find the nearest employee available for the job. 


Seamless & Accurate Payroll

Manual timekeeping approaches can cause payroll errors and unhappy employees (which risks employee turnover). But now, those days are over. With timekeeping from Janitorial Manager, your employees can rest assured knowing that their payroll is always accurate. If you need to make time punch adjustments, you can review and edit timecards before they’re sent to payroll. 

Clock In Efficiently

Clocking in & out should be quick and easy for your team. That’s why JM created multiple ways to clock in & out. From clocking in an entire team, to scanning a QR code, or using a kiosk to clock in & out on a shared device, JM has a timekeeping solution that accommodates all janitorial cleaning companies.


Eliminate Fraud

Buddy punching is one of the worst nightmares any cleaning operation can experience. Not only is it wrong, but it costs you payroll and poses security risks. JM’s facial recognition allows you to verify who is clocking in. Employees are also protected in the event of another employee falsely clocking in another.


Have a historical record of each employee’s time punches that can be accessed on-demand. Timekeeping documentation is the proof you need to protect your employees if they’re accused of nonservice. Plus, boost your profitability by using advanced reporting to help you shape consistent and accurate budgets.

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