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Benefits of QR Code Inspections

Using QR Codes for inspections is the fastest way to complete on-site reviews and deliver feedback to your employees and/or key stakeholders. This is all done through our paperless inspections app, JM Connect. Just scan the QR code, and rate your cleaner’s work. Below are more details of the many benefits that QR code inspections has on streamlining your cleaning operations. The most popular benefits of Scan2Inspect include: employee accountability, documentation, customized scoring & rating, and visual evidence.

How QR Codes Can Streamline Cleaning Operations

One of the best ways to streamline your cleaning operations is to tackle your routine inspections process. With Scan2Inspect, each area, such as restrooms or conference rooms, is equipped with a unique field inspection QR code and a checklist of items for assessment. Upon scanning an area’s inspection QR code, supervisors or managers utilize JM Connect to perform their site walk through. This solution provides efficient evaluation and rating of cleaning tasks, ensuring thoroughness and accountability in maintenance standards.

Better Workflow and Tracking

Our janitorial software offers enhanced workflow and tracking capabilities to optimize your cleaning operations. With features like Scan2Inspect, you can ensure your cleaners are meeting the standards you expect. We also understand that everyone runs their cleaning operations differently. Integrating QR Codes into your cleaning operations allows you to enhance your custom workflow. Plus, our inspections rating scales can be tailored to your operation’s standards. These QR Codes can even be paired with Scan4Clean, which allows your cleaners to view step-by-step cleaning checklists.

QR Codes Make it Easy for Your Cleaning Crew

Our janitorial software offers a range of tools to enhance your cleaning inspection processes and improve accountability within your cleaning operations.

Employee Accountability

Ensure high-standards of work by holding employees accountable through quality checks. These checks serve as a transparent means of assessing and monitoring the quality of their performance. You can also share the report with employees as a training tool or praise them for a job well done.



Keep a detailed record of all quality checks, which can be shared with clients or key stakeholders for feedback and transparency. Additionally, maintain a comprehensive service history encompassing cleaning services, inspections, and communications. This historical data is valuable for audits, compliance purposes, and performance reviews.


Visual Evidence

During inspections, users can attach pictures to specific areas, providing visual evidence of the work performed. This feature facilitates a more detailed and accurate assessment of cleaning quality, enhancing transparency, and for cleaning businesses, higher client satisfaction.

Customized Scoring & Rating

Tailor inspections to meet your specific needs with flexible scoring and rating systems. Choose from various scales, including pass/fail, numerical ratings, or percentage-based ratings, to accommodate different requirements.

What our Clients Have to Say!

“Janitorial Manager’s QR codes allow us to get direct communication back from our customers. It also allows us to evaluate how well our individuals are performing the work. We can do inspections both remotely and in person. The use of the app is robust.” 

Valerie Reyher – The Kennedy Collective 

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