Scan4Clean Janitorial QR Codes

Innovative Solution to Track, Validate, and Document Your Work.

The exclusive QR code feature in Janitorial Manager allows cleaning team members to easily access their cleaning checklists and produce quality results. The general public can also scan to see when an area was last serviced and even leave feedback. Scan4Clean helps you track, validate, document, and communicate your essential services.

Scan4Clean Janitorial Qr Codes

Making An Impact On The JanSan World For The New Normal

Janitorial Manager strives to be a leader in the janitorial software industry. Our team created Scan4Clean™ to help not only your cleaning staff, but also those using a certain facility. 

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How Scan4Clean QR Codes Can Help

Your cleaning team can scan a QR code to view step-by-step cleaning procedures so they know exactly what needs cleaned. The general public and management can also scan to view real-time data on specific areas to see when who last cleaned an area, when a location was last cleaned, how long it took to perform the work, and a photo enabled messaging platform to request service and provide feedback. 

Document and Track Cleaning Protocols

QR codes can be placed throughout the facilities you service to track, measure, and communicate clean. Cleaning staff can scan QR codes to report start and end times as they perform their services. They can also view a checklist of cleaning procedures so that they’ll know exactly what to do. For extra documentation, pictures can be scanned proving that services were performed.  

Strengthen Public Confidence

The general public can scan QR codes to see when an area was last cleaned, who performed the service, and provide feedback or request services. This is an excellent way to keep your employees, customers, and the general public engaged and knowledgeable on the essential services you perform. 


Increase Communication

Customized checklists communicate the expectations required to clean and disinfect facilities with cleaning staff. The results? Better cleaning quality and higher employee engagement. 


Gain More Visibility

Market and brand your cleaning operation by adding your logo onto each QR code and placing them throughout the facilities you service. Branded QR Codes are a simple strategy to increase your professionalism and brand awareness.  

Better Budgets & Guaranteed Payroll Accuracy

Scan4Clean’s QR Code Clock In allows employees to quickly punch in by scanning any QR code. Employees can rest assured knowing that their payroll is always error-free. You’ll also have documentation that confirms locations were serviced- and proof to back your employees if they’re ever accused of nonservice. Start creating better budgets with this easy-to-use timekeeping feature.  

Increase Client & Employee Retention

For cleaning companies that use janitorial QR codes, you can respond faster to client feedback boosting satisfaction (and retention). Clients will appreciate stronger communication and documentation like they’ve never experienced before. For employees, QR codes provide protection against making cleaning errors. And public feedback allows cleaners to finally be notified of their good work- achieving the recognition they deserve.  


Janitorial operations that use a robust janitorial software like Janitorial Manager will be able to validate, track, and document their essential services to set themselves apart from their peers, gain greater budgetary success, and operate in a more professional and efficient manner.

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