Janitorial Manager was Created by an Owner of a Cleaning Company for Cleaning Companies!

Janitorial Manager is a Commercial Cleaning Business Software that will enable you to make your company successful. In 2012, Janitorial Manager was built and developed by cleaning company experts. Almost immediately they were able to identify and correct $7,000 a month in wasteful spending and the system helped them prevent future waste. Janitorial Manager was built by owners that have operated cleaning companies for decades. It will change the way that work is managed in the cleaning industry.

We have 3 goals to create software that:

Software That Works

Anyone Can Use

Is Affordable

We built Janitorial Manager so that you can avoid the mistakes that we made and provide a great Commercial Cleaning Business Software.

We understand what it’s like to:


Organize Information

Manage Operations

Lose Clients

Control Inventory

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