Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start?

Starting is really simple. Click Here and our helpful staff will have you up and running quickly. No special equipment is required.

What are the system requirements for Janitorial Manager?
Janitorial Manager is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 5.01 or later and Safari.
How do I determine how many licenses I need?
Janitorial Manager provides unlimited users under a single license. This sets us apart from most software in the industry.
Do I need a new login for my cell phone or tablet?
JM users can log in from any device, anywhere, at any time. We have 2 apps (JM Connect, JM Inspections) that can be used on the go.
Is there a limit to the number of records that can be stored?

The database storage is not limitless, but it should be sufficient for any small or medium business. If you think you’ll have an issue, Contact Support.

How many users can work with Janitorial Manager at the same time?
There technically no limit to the number of users that are allowed, however, there may be practical bandwidth limitations based on your internet service provider.
How is this different from other services?
Janitorial Manager was designed by professionals with decades of experience in the commercial cleaning industry. It is not a generic piece of software crudely adapted to fit an unrelated industry, but a custom tailor package geared to control costs and maximize profits.
Will I have to pay for the future upgrades?
Upgrades and updates for Janitorial Manager are always included with a current subscription.
Can Janitorial Manager be customized for my needs?

If you like our software, but there is a feature or two missing before you could really use it, please do not hesitate to Contact Us! If we see that the request is likely to be beneficial to many Janitorial Manager users, we will implement it and included it in the next update.

What support is available for Janitorial Manager?

Janitorial Manager comes with great support. The first place to look for help is the JM Manual. If you can’t find the answer there, please simply contact us. You should expect an answer within at least one business day.

My data is in another application. How can I get existing data into JM?
Data can be imported directly into Janitorial Manager via the built-in Client and Employee import functions. If additional support is required, we can provide migration services at competitive rates. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to perform this operation for any application, but we will do our best.
What does Janitorial Manager do?
Janitorial Manager is an operations management software designed specifically for the Commercial Cleaning Industry. JM features include Client & Employee Management, Mobile Inspections, Supply Tracking, Client Portal, Scheduling Calendar, Work Order Management and Performance Tracking.
Who is considered a user?
A user is an employee that will have login information for Janitorial Manager. Most companies will only have their managers or inspectors set-up with login information.
Where is my information stored?
We have servers around the country that are used to back up user information. They are all encrypted, and we take information security very seriously. Since the program is hosted on our servers, our customers don’t have to worry about updating software or downloading anything.
What do I have to download?
Since Janitorial Manager is Internet-based, users don’t have to download anything to their computers. Janitorial Manager is accessed through Internet browsers. It is also available on mobile devices.
How much does Janitorial Manager cost?

Our software is priced to be affordable to the small businesses, franchises, institutions, and enterprises. For our different packages, Click Here.