Our Valued Partners

Janitorial Manager values our partners and how they can help our customers have more success Below is a list of our integrated partners. To learn more about becoming an integrated solution with Janitorial Manager, please click here and complete our form and one of our marketing representatives will be in touch.



This software makes time tracking fast, simple, and incredibly easy to manage when used from within Janitorial Manager. Other features include:

  • Clock In/Clock Out Functionality
  • Set Schedules ahead of time
  • GPS Tracking
  • In-App Messaging/Voicemail
  • and Much More!

Learn More About How JM Works With Chronotek.

Blitz Sales Software

Blitz Sales Software

Blitz helps automates sales follow-up activities when you are working on:

  • Referrals
  • Leads
  • Contract Renewals
  • Cross-Selling Services
  • Stay in front of Past Customers
Call Logic

Call Logic

This software is a cloud-based auto-dialer that enables you to automatically call prospects, clients, and job candidates. Call Logic can be used with most CRM, Lead Management, Marketing Automation, and other software systems through API integrations.

Blitz Applicant Tracking System  is a cloud-based software that enables you to handle all of your recruiting needs.

*Note that the Blitz Auto-Dialer is embedded in Blitz Applicant Tracking system so you can execute all of your sales activities in one system


Blitz Auto Dialer  is an outbound phone technology that is used when you are working on:

  • Lead sales follow-up
  • Referral sales follow-up
  • Contract Renewal sales follow-up
  • Cross-Selling sales follow-up
  • Win-back sales follow-up

*Note that the Blitz Auto Dialer is embedded in Blitz Sales Software so you can execute all of your sales activities in one system

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