Industries That Use A Cleaning Management Software

Providing solutions to Business Service Contractors (BSC), Educational Institutions, Health Care Organizations, Government Facilities, Public Entities, and other cleaning organizations to increase efficiency and results while lowering expenses and stresses.  Designed by Janitors, for Janitors, we understand the unique challenges you face and have solutions to help you succeed.

Janitorial Manager Is Used By All Types of Companies That Engage In Cleaning Activities.

Building Service Contractors (BSC)

Providing communication tools, service statistics, comprehensive inspection reports, and professional bidding documents with qualified data differentiates you from your competitor giving you the competitive edge in gaining new business and retaining existing clients.


Providing your franchisees with a tool to manage and grow their business through employee time keeping, performance management, expectation guidelines, inspection tools, and robust communication resources results in growth for them and success for you..


Justifying budget costs with comprehensive work loading and inventory management tools, elevating the image of your buildings and the perception of the facility maintenance staff with inspections, and increasing communication and results are a few of the benefits in using Janitorial Manager.

Property Managers

Managing your inventory and providing tenants with communication tools, comprehensive inspection reports and a robust work order program leads to higher tenant retention and overall property value and tenant attraction success.


Increasing efficiency and improving results are in your hands when you use Janitorial Manager.  From providing detailed instructions to your staff to utilizing the translator feature to increase communication, you will provide a positive environment for your guests.

Government / Public Sector

Keeping public areas clean through communicating expectations to your cleaning staff utilizing Janitorial Manager to improve communication while managing your cleaning budget through inventory, payroll, and work order platforms improve the public perception of a facility leading to positive outcomes.

Venues (Stadiums/Arenas)

Implementing Janitorial Manager to manage projects, work orders, inventory, staff, and overall cleaning results increases the positive impression of event attendees and strengthens the perception of your overall facility to attract new events and opportunities.

Hospitals / Healthcare

Increasing public perception while decreasing HAI’s has a significant impact on the overall success and profitability of any health care facility.  Performance management, expectation guidelines, inspection tools, and robust communication resources can make a positive impact on overall results.

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