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Kevin Scott - Office Pride of Rancho Cucamonga-San Bernardino

"I have tried many products on the market but JM provided the best solutions to run my entire business and the cost is extremely reasonable. I have built my company to run with no managers and only employ about 39 employees. One of my pain points is communication. JM helps me solve that issue with the Messenger app. I can keep tabs on employees and clients using this app. From inspections, to work orders, to inventory tracking, Janitorial Manager is a major key to the crazy growth I saw this year!"

Troy Hopkins - Office Pride, Author & Motivational Speaker

"Janitorial Manager changed the way I ran my company. Not only did it smooth my administrative duties, but it also saved me an entire administrative position. The best think about Janitorial Manager is you can track your Profit/Loss by the customer, including labor, paper, and supplies. WOW, what difference to see what customers are making you money, and which ones are actually losing you money! I reduced expenses by over $3,000 a month. I HIGHLY recommend this program!" 

Angelica Catano - Star Building Services

“Janitorial Manager is like our Bible. You don’t have to worry about keeping records in many different software systems or cloud-based things. So, it’s all in one place and will save money and time. Time is the biggest resource a business owner can have should be in there. Everyone should be using it. That’s a lifesaver for our operations…for everything we do”.

Kathy Riley - Professional Maintenance

"I like JM for its ease of use. Comprehensive client information at your fingertips. Ongoing friendly and professional service in any situation. Continued education and development on special request with no hesitation. It has allowed for much better communication supervisor and account activity. No show alerts are awesome best and easiest to set we have ever seen 25 yrs! The best customer service! Our employee's upper 70's and below are using this program with ease."

Dave Betty - Office Pride of Nashua-Lowell

"This is the best overall software for janitorial service providers. I like how all customer and employee info is kept in one place and we can log all customer communication, as well as all things related to employees, like, reviews, pay increases, attendance, etc. The best thing about JM is the fact that they listen to user feedback and act on it. This is important from a user point of view because, with each update or release as they call it, the software gets better and better."

Mark Eckels - Office Pride of Dover-Felton

"Janitorial Manager has a lot of great benefits. Great use of time with all of our staff. Communication is great and allows each team member to be on the same page."

Josie Latford - CorpClean

“With Janitorial Manager, we can see when the employees are physically clocking in and clocking out and can see how much of a difference in what we are budgeting for this location and what is being spent on this location. We were able to change some of those buildings [budgets]. That has saved us quite a bit."

Rashaii Russell - Happy Hands Cleaning

"I changed to Janitorial Manager because I was looking for software that allowed my workers to clock in and out and keep track of supplies without using too many different software. This one suite has it all. My employees can request supplies, clock in/out, take pictures, and ask questions all from the same place. I can do evaluations, look at how much money in profit I am bringing in, AND reconcile reports all from one suite. This thing does it all, and I am seriously wondering how I got along without it. The price is cost-effective, and it doesn't break the bank. They have dedicated people who answer all questions and fix all issues, no matter how big or small. I seriously LOVE this software, and I am totally recommending it to all my colleagues in the cleaning industry."

Nicky Havican - Nicky's Professional Cleaning

"The geo-tracking and clocking options are great! The payroll reports are very easy to pull and save. Accommodating and great customer support!!! Both of the reps that I worked with were very professional and knowledgeable! They went out of their way to help when needed, even after hours! Above and beyond customer support!!!"

Richard Martin - Red Clay Consolidated School District

"JM is the management solution for tomorrow. The ability to conduct consistent oversight and the ability to quantify performance has been crucial. Sometimes the product does lack some functionality but customer support is top-notch and the cost fit our budget."

Mike Toombs - Commercial Cleaning Services

"The software has many features to help your business become more efficient and professional. I really can't praise them enough. The JM team has been fabulous to work with. Every time I have a question they are quick to respond and always have the right answers."

Brittany Hampton - Boston Building Maintenance

"I love that it captured everything we had been doing on an excel template in a fast, user-friendly app allowing us to maximize productivity and track efficiency. Allows for multiple users and customers to be added thereby growing with our business. Janitorial Manager's customer service is the best around! This app is everything we have wanted and needed as a janitorial tool."

Amy Schellhorn - Fine Cleaning Services

"JM has been a great addition to our company! We started out using JM for the timekeeping feature. This aspect was fairly easy to set up and is extremely easy for our employees to use. The customer support team is great and the constant updates and emails with tips, links, and other troubleshooting info are invaluable. This also shows us that JM is constantly improving its technology, which makes it even more appealing. There are many other features within JM that we have yet to implement, but we know each feature will only help our company grow and become more organized."

Charlotte B. - Inventory Specialist

"I love working with Janitorial Manager!! I like the fact that I can enter in the Supply Order Forms, and all my information sections are covered. who's making the delivery- what's supplies will be delivered to the site- where the supplies will be delivered to. Also Work Orders- makes it so easy to keep records of all work performed. This is a very excellent way of keeping records for any task!!! I love the fact that they work hard to make this site run effectively!! Constantly striving for ways of improving!!"

What We Offer

A robust janitorial software solution for your cleaning operation to help make decisions that matter, reduce your stress, and improve your outcomes.

Nicole balancing her business in her hands

All-In-One System

One application using one password that is designed to help your operation be more efficient with their time and resources, whether your big or small.

Nicole calling JM with a question

Training & Support

Our team will help get you and your staff trained as well as answer all your questions and find solutions for any issues along the way.

Nicole Managing her operations from her phone

Manage Operations

From bid to inspections to inventory, track and manage your operations from one application. View data and make decisions that matter to your operation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to Download?

Since Janitorial Manager is cloud-based, users don’t have to download anything to their computers. Janitorial Manager is accessed through Internet browsers. It is also available on mobile devices.

How is this different from other services?

Janitorial Manager was designed by professionals with decades of experience in the commercial cleaning industry. It is not a generic piece of software crudely adapted to fit an unrelated industry, but a custom tailor package geared to control costs and maximize profits.

Can Janitorial Manager be customized for my needs?

If you like our software, but there is a feature or two missing before you could really use it, please do not hesitate to Contact Us! If we see that the request is likely to be beneficial to many Janitorial Manager users, we will implement it and included it in the next update.

Will I have to pay for the future upgrades?

Upgrades and updates for Janitorial Manager are always included with a current subscription. There will be no additional fee for these updates.

Who is considered a user?

A user is an employee that will have login information for Janitorial Manager. Most companies will only have their managers or inspectors set up with login information, but each company is different.

My data is in another application. How can I get existing data into JM?

Data can be imported directly into Janitorial Manager via the built-in Client and Employee import functions. If additional support is required, we can provide migration services at competitive rates. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to perform this operation for any application, but we will do our best.
Still have questions?