Janitorial Software For The Cleaning Industry

Janitorial Manager was designed by janitors for janitors and provides critical management tools to increase your efficiency and results while decreasing your expenses and your stresses. We work with Building Service Contractors, Universities, Health Care Facilities, Government, Venues, Hospitality, or any cleaning operation that is looking for a solution to improve performance and achieve financial goals. For more information on how JM can help you succeed, select your industry from the drop-down above.

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Why Use a Janitorial Software?

Gain live-time insight into inspections, inventory, scheduling, work orders, and operations. Communicate with customers, see what your employees are doing and where they are at, track performance, and provide feedback.  Instantly bid a job and analyze the financial impact on your operation.

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Why Switch to Janitorial Manager?

People are switching from their current software (inspections, work loading, scheduling, and spreadsheets) to benefit from a fully integrated, all-in-one system-Janitorial Manager.

Our Janitorial Software Is Different!

Janitorial Manager is specifically designed for the cleaning industry because it was built by janitors for janitors. As prior professionals in the cleaning industry, we know firsthand the real issues you face. As a result, Janitorial Manager has a solution to real problems that real cleaning operations face, not a series of guesses about where your pain points might be. With JM, you can track performance and provide increased efficiency and cost control through Client, Quality, Work Order, Employee, Workloading, and Inventory Management. We take pride in our constant development to provide our customers with more of an all-in-one system that can improve their operations and achieve financial goals. You can even access JM either in the office or in the field with our mobile apps. We are committed to developing software that is effective and easy-to-use. Don’t take our word for it, though!

Features to Track Performance and Gain Insight

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We provide two Apps (JM Inspections, JM Connect) FREE of charge when you subscribe to Janitorial Manager.


Our Partners

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What Are Other Cleaning Professionals Saying About Us?

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

"I have tried many products on the market but JM provided the best solutions to run my entire business and the cost is extremely reasonable. I have built my company to run with no managers and only employ about 39 employees. One of my pain points is communication. JM helps me solve that issue with the Messenger app. I can keep tabs on employees and clients using this app. From inspections to work orders to inventory tracking, Janitorial Manager was integral to the major growth I saw this year!"

Kevin Scott

Business Owner, Office Pride

"Janitorial Manager changed the way I ran my company. Not only did it smooth my administrative duties, it saved me an entire administrative position. The best thing about Janitorial Manager is that you can track your Profit/Loss by the customer, and include labor, paper, and supplies. WOW! What a difference to be able to see what customers are making you money and which ones aren't. I reduced expenses by over $3,000 a month. I HIGHLY recommend this program!"

Troy Hopkins

Area Development Manager, Author & Motivational Speaker

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