Janitorial Bidding Software To Quote Locations

The janitorial bidding feature in Janitorial Manager allows bidders to get an accurate estimate based on the ISSA 612 Time and Task Standards. This feature takes the manual work out of the bidding process, allowing you to easily calculate the cost of cleaning a location. Simply walk through the building, fill in each variable of the building, and your bid will be accurately generated.

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Built-In Calculator

We put the power of calculating your janitorial bids in your hands. Our janitorial bidding feature built inside of Janitorial Manager allows you to accurately calculate your margins based on the expenses you make to clean the facility. This isn’t the only calculator built into this bidding feature. There is also a feature to calculate your expected expenses based on the expected margins you want to meet with the location or project.


ISSA Templates Included

Are you struggling to build a bidding template that allows you to bid for a location efficiently and accurately? We have built our calculator to accurately pull information from the official ISSA 612 time and tasks standards. What does this mean for you? Each bid you create is built to the cleaning standards of ISSA (if you use the ISSA Templates). This makes every bid consistent based on the same set of standards and allows you to have multiple people in the field bidding new clients without fear.

Compare Standards with Your Bid

If you want to use your own standards for bidding in your company, no problem! We give you the ability to load your own settings into our calculator feature. If you want to double check our company standards with the ISSA 612 Time and Task Standards you can do that as well! We believe that businesses should have the ability to grow the way they want to grow! The ISSA Standards are a great measurement tool to compare your standards and make sure you are accurate in your estimations of the time it takes to clean a facility and the supplies needed.

Stay On Your Location Budget

Meeting or exceeding budget expectations is always a plus in any type of business but especially the cleaning industry. The janitorial bidding feature in JM allows you to accurately estimate the labor cost, supply cost, and all of the additional expenses in servicing a location so you aren’t surprised at how much revenue you generate per location. In addition to our Job Bidding Calculator that estimates the time it would take to complete a location, our Time Tracking feature in JM allow management to see if their employees are being efficient with their time and completing what is expected of them before leaving or moving on to the next place.

Track Conversions

Janitorial Manager can help you keep your funnel full because of the bidding feature. You have the ability to follow contact from becoming new leads, to having an employee bid their location, to turning those bids into a paying customer or following up with them in the future about the bid.

Access On The Go

In the past, the cleaning industry had janitorial bidding software options that were not user-friendly, and you didn’t have the ability to access the bidding software on the go. That’s a thing of the past! The Janitorial Manager job bidding feature gives you the ability to access your bids, start new bids, or even add a location to an existing account on the go!

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Other Features Include:


Customized inspections can be filled out in the field. Administrators can make sure inspections meet company standards.

Client Portal

Allows direct communication between you and your clients. This feature allows you to use your own branding and keep in contact with your customers.

Employee Tracking

Allows administrators to track employee performance and attendance. You can also take a detailed look at employee performance over the year.

Work Orders

Create, track, and manage work orders. You can filter orders by quoted, scheduled, and completed. This helps better manage a job’s ROI.
“Our franchise has used multiple different software scheduling programs in the past.  We’ve been searching for something that was easy to use and practical.  When we did the free demo with Janitorial Manager, we know our search was over.  It was very easy to populate our information and get up and running in no time.  Our scheduling issues are a thing of the past.  Our business has tripled in the time we started using Janitorial Manager!  I can’t imagine not using this awesome tool as our go-to daily software.  From schedules, budgets, work orders, employee and client information, it’s all there.  If you aren’t using Janitorial Manager right now, you’re really missing out!”
Kevin J. McAdoo

Business Owner/CEO/COO, Office Pride

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