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A cleaning industry podcast focused on helping connect you to other professionals in the industry as well as provide educational recourses for you to better manage your cleaning operations.

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About The Business of Cleaning 

The Business of Cleaning is a collection of great cleaning professionals that you may not have had the privilege of listening to yet and a set of topics picked to help you grow and strengthen your cleaning knowledge. Since there’s no right answer to success, we’re building a tool kit filled with knowledge and expertise.

Featured Guest(s):

Corinne Zudonyi

Corinne Zudonyi

Editor-in-Chief - CleanLink.com

Corinne Zudonyi is the Editor-in-Chief of CleanLink.com, Contracting Profits magazine, Facility Cleaning Decisions magazine, and Sanitary Maintenance magazine. She has nearly two decades of experience in the JanSan industry. 

Through their various media outlets, they reach 190,000 JanSan distributors, building service contractors, and in-house facility cleaning executives. 

Sanitary Maintenance is the first industry publication and goes out to the JanSan distributors. Contracting Profits magazine is written for the building service contractor – individuals who own and operate contract cleaning companies. It’s also the official publication of BSCAI – one of their partners.

Facility Cleaning Decisions is written for in-house facility cleaning executives who oversee custodial operations in commercial facilities, K12, colleges/universities, healthcare, hospitality, etc. Finally, CleanLink.com is the online portal for all three of those publications and serves as an all-industry resource with daily news, company announcements, educational resources, and feature articles.

Latest Episode

Improve Customer Retention Through Effective Communication with Corinne Zudonyi

When it comes to communicating the latest processes, keeping up to date with the news, and maintaining open lines of communication, CleanLink.com knows what they’re doing. So we sat down with Editor-in-Chief, Corinne Zudonyi, to talk about how you can do the same for your cleaning business.

Episode 44   |  1 hr 25 min

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Meet The Hosts

Halie Morris

Halie Morris

Podcast Coordinator

Sam Riegsecker

Sam Riegsecker

Marketing Manager

The Business of Cleaning is hosted by Halie Morris and will be accompanied by Sam Riegsecker for some recordings. Halie worked in the Janitorial Manager Talent Acquisition department prior to moving to the Marketing department. She then transitioned to take on the Podcast Coordinator and Host role for the team. Sam started at Double A Solutions as a college intern before taking on more responsibilities including managing the marketing team for Double A Solutions. He comes from an entrepreneur background and has experience in branding and using social media to drive awareness and sales.

Season 1: Change Management

Episode 1: Change How You React and It Will Change Your Business

Amanda Villarreal – Co-founder & Managing Member at PLEX Capital

Season 2: Continuous Connections

The Business of Cleaning Podcast

Episode 41: Rethink Your Cleaning Solutions with Dan Schmidt and Zac Miner

Dan Schmidt is Co-Founder of Ageless Global, the company that created the EZ Safer Surface Cleaner and Zac Miner is their VP of Sales

Episode 43: Continuous Process Improvements Help Meet Increasing Cleaning Standards at the University of Toledo

Maggie Garcia, the Director of Central Services at the University of Toledo, and Candace Huner, a Custodial Manager in charge of quality assurance at UT, joined us to talk about their process improvement efforts on Campus. 

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