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A cleaning business podcast hosted by Janitorial Manager to help connect with other cleaning business professionals and provide value for its listeners.

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About The Business of Cleaning 

The Business of Cleaning is a podcast that offers those running cleaning businesses the right perspective on success today by interviewing industry professionals from around the world and discussing hot topics like change management and maintaining valuable connections. Not only that but we’ll often tie it all back to one of the most valuable assets a company has today: it’s technology!

Featured Guest(s):

Todd Hopkins

Todd Hopkins

President & CEO - Office Pride

Todd Hopkins is the founder and CEO of Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services, which he started in 1992 after a successful research paper at Butler University. 

Office Pride is headquartered in Palm Harbor, Florida, and has 135 franchises in 25 states. They follow a franchising model that focuses on a strong franchise relationship and exceptional quality services. The business that Todd theorized in his MBA program came to life shortly after and has continued to grow and strengthen over the years, providing a strong front of unity and support during ever-changing and turbulent markets

Latest Episode

Why Work with a Cleaning Franchise Company with Todd Hopkins

There are various ways an ambitious entrepreneur can approach doing so. One of those ways is to look at franchising options and create your business around a brand that is already established and going strong. Franchising companies like Office Pride provide resources, education, networking opportunities, recognized branding, and help raise the standard for cleaning.

Season 2, Episode 1   |   34 min

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Meet The Hosts

Halie Morris

Halie Morris

Podcast Coordinator

Sam Riegsecker

Sam Riegsecker

Marketing Manager

The Business of Cleaning is hosted by Halie Morris and will be accompanied by Sam Riegsecker for some recordings. Halie has been with Janitorial Manager for over a year and has worked in Talent Acquisition until moving to the Marketing department. Sam has been with Janitorial Manager for 4 years and actually started as a college intern before taking on more responsibilities including managing the marketing team for Janitorial Manager. He comes from an entrepreneur background and has experience in branding and using social media to drive sales.

Previous Episodes:

Season 1: Change Management

Episode 1: Change How You React and It Will Change Your Business

Amanda Villarreal – Co-founder & Managing Member at PLEX Capital

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