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A cleaning business podcast hosted by Janitorial Manager to help connect with other cleaning business professionals and provide value for its listeners.

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About The Business of Cleaning 

The Business of Cleaning is a podcast that offers those running cleaning businesses the right perspective on success today by interviewing industry professionals from around the world and discussing hot topics like change management and maintaining valuable connections. Not only that but we’ll often tie it all back to one of the most valuable assets a company has today: it’s technology!

Featured Guest:

Kathy Riley

Kathy Riley

Vice President - Professional Maintenance

Kathy Riley is the Vice President at Professional Maintenance in Lubbock, Texas. Professional Maintenance has been in business since 1994 and specializes in commercial and medical cleaning. Because they pride themselves on providing quality services, Kathy and her team had to rethink some of their processes when it came to new budget cuts and shifting expectations at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak in America. 

We sat down to talk to Kathy about how she and her team managed the shift and high quality of service they deliver with these new challenges in front of them. The answer was simpler than you might think: work smarter, not harder. In our episode, we broke down exactly how they employed those principals while keeping everyone employed during a time of cutbacks.

Latest Episode

How Changing Your Leadership Approach Can Help You Work Smarter Not Harder

You’ve probably heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder,” but how often do you have a good example of what that means, especially in cleaning?

Season 1, Episode 11    |    38 min

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Meet The Hosts

Halie Morris

Halie Morris

Podcast Coordinator

Sam Riegsecker

Sam Riegsecker

Marketing Manager

The Business of Cleaning is hosted by Halie Morris and will be accompanied by Sam Riegsecker for some recordings. Halie has been with Janitorial Manager for over a year and has worked in Talent Acquisition until moving to the Marketing department. Sam has been with Janitorial Manager for 4 years and actually started as a college intern before taking on more responsibilities including managing the marketing team for Janitorial Manager. He comes from an entrepreneur background and has experience in branding and using social media to drive sales.

Previous Guests

Amanda Villarreal

Amanda Villarreal

Managing Director - Plex Capital

Trent Peterson

Trent Peterson

Inside Sales Team Lead - Janitorial Manager

Mervin Brewer

Mervin Brewer

Assistant Custodial Manager - Salt Lake City School District

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