Why Switch To Janitorial Manager?

When it comes to selecting software for your organization, it should work for you rather than you having to work for it. At Janitorial Manager, we are strong believers in getting the software to work — making your day to day operations more efficient and helping save you some time. This allows you to spend more time on your business rather than being trapped working in the business, ultimately helping you scale your cleaning operation!

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People are Making The Switch to Janitorial Manager Because...

Janitorial Manager offers critical management tools to make your cleaning organization successful and helps increase efficiency, accuracy, and communication in your cleaning operation. We are different than most other software on the market because we are designed by cleaners and built for cleaners.

The Janitorial Manager software is a solution to making operational decisions, staffing, communicating with your clients and staff, and taking your operation to the next level in terms of working more efficiently. Being able to work efficiently allows your team to spend less time asking questions and more time cleaning facilities.

Supervisorless Work Enviroment

Available Anywhere At Any Time

ISSA Approved Job Bidding Calculator

Location Tracking For Employees

Enhance Operational Management Activities

Cloud-Based Software

Why limit access to your system to one computer? That is a thing of the past! Janitorial Manager is a cloud-based work management system. This means when you’re on the go or in the office, you have access to your information at the touch of a finger.

Robust Work Management System

Janitorial Manager ever developing a system is constantly being added to based on feedback from customers. We are proud to be designed by janitors for janitors. Janitorial Manager is unlike most other systems. It is easy to use and is an extremely robust system that is constantly being refined and added to!

Consolidate Systems

Why use more than one system in your organization? This can be confusing, quite expensive, and can become a training nightmare for employees, especially new employees. With JM, you can have all operational programs in one, easy-to-use system for your team, clients, and management staff.

Unlimited Users

Janitorial Manager believes that you shouldn’t be limited by the number of employees you have in your business. This is why we built our pricing model so that no matter how many users you have in your company, our pricing stays the same!

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Inventory Resupply Software
Time Tracking
Inventory Management
Client Portal
Work Order Management
Instructions & Checklists

Job Bidding (ISSA or Custom)

Employee Performance
Project Management
Janitorial Manager
Pencil and Paper
Other Software

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