Why Use a Janitorial Software?

Janitorial software can be an overlooked area to improve your overall success. From keeping clients happy and informed to making sure your cleaning team has the information they need to complete their job accurately and thoroughly, implementing a janitorial software – like Janitorial Manager can effectively transform your cleaning operation!
Why Software For Janitorial Management?

A Janitorial Software Can Create A More Efficient Work Environment

Implementing a robust janitorial software program not only helps you increase your effectiveness in managing your cleaning teams but it will help your clients and other stakeholders understand what exactly is getting done in their facility.

Let Janitorial Manager be your solution to making operational and staffing decisions, providing quality communication with your clients and staff, and taking your operation to the next level in terms of working more efficiently. Being able to work efficiently allows your team to spend less time asking questions and more time cleaning facilities.

Janitorial Software For Office Managers

Enhance Operational Management Activities


Stay Connected With Your Staff

Communicating can be difficult between staff sometimes. With Janitorial Manager’s Connect App, your cleaners can now communicate with each other, management can communicate with staff, and customers can reach out to cleaners to discuss changes. Managers will get real-time check-ins/check-outs with the staff, the time it takes to clean a facility, and it allows management to give the cleaners unique instructions if need be. 

Accurate Information In Real-Time

Why guess what needs to be done in your operation? A janitorial software can give you the ability to stop guessing if you are making the correct decision and instead assure you that the decision is made based on information gathered. Our Quickbooks integration allows you to see real-time billing information for your accounts.

Identify and Correct Inefficiencies

It is important to be efficient when cleaning facilities. This is where janitorial software, like Janitorial Manager, can make an immediate impact on your organization. The Connect app and Client Portal, in  Janitorial Manager, give management of the cleaning operation decision-making ability to see if the cleaning team is getting the job done correctly and efficiently. If not, this tool gives the ability to talk or chat with an employee to discuss correcting issues.

Consolidate Systems

Why use more than one system in your organization? This can be confusing and become a training nightmare for employees, especially new employees. With JM, you can have all operational programs in one, easy-to-use system for your team, clients, and management staff.

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Increase Customer Retention and Satisfaction

Client Portal

Janitorial Software, specifically Janitorial Manager, gives your clients their own portal to stay involved with the cleaning company. Not having a clean office can ruin productivity as well as moral for your employees. Janitorial Manager’s Client Portal gives clients their own login to a portal, for individual locations and multiple locations. This gives clients the power to request services, supplies, provide feedback and/or inspection reports.


Real-Time Inspections

Janitorial Manager keeps up-to-date inspections available for each location that can be sent directly to the client to inform them exactly how well the location is being cleaned. Pictures can also be included to not only describe situations but also show the client what is going on with the location.

Improve Communication

Sometimes communicating with facility staff can be difficult. Making sure your cleaning team and building occupants are on the same page can help strengthen relationships for a positive future. It will also help management of the cleaning team see if their teams are cleaning the facility as they should be and doing a proper job doing so. Janitorial Software, like Janitorial Manager, can help you manage this communication using our JM Connect App!

Supply Budgeting

Janitorial Software, like Janitorial Manager, can come with Inventory management for managing supplies for clients. A monthly supply budget can be set for individual locations— down to the dollar — to make sure they never go over budget in the facility.

Improve Employee Retention and Effectiveness

Work As A Team

Having team members make an impact on the company based on their work is important. It makes them feel more like they are apart of something bigger. JM Connect helps them communicate with each other as well as communicate with each manager more efficient than before. 


Cleaning Instructions & Checklists

Do your employees tend to forget to hit certain areas of a location they are servicing? Cleaning checklists and instructions in the JM Connect help solve this issue. Now with Janitorial Manager management can create detailed instructions and checklists for employees to properly clean the facility. Management can also get notified once checklists/instructions are marked completed.

Access Data Anywhere

Being able to access data from the worksite is important not only to manage cleaning teams remotely but being able to work from the cloud allows your teams to be more efficient. Company and location data can be organized and stored away securely verses carrying paper around with location passcodes etc.

Time Tracking Per Location

Time tracking per employee can sometimes be difficult when working without software. Janitorial Manager, using our Connect App, allows your staff to clock in as well as check out via geo-location to verify they were at the location and it took the proper amount of time to do the amount of cleaning that needed to be done. This can also be done by landline at the location.

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