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How does Janitorial Software work?

Janitorial Manager was designed by professionals with decades of experience in the commercial cleaning industry. It is not a generic piece of software crudely adapted to fit an unrelated industry, but a custom tailor package geared to control costs and maximize profits. It is designed by janitors for janitors to help better manage their day to day operations. 

We provide free software demos scheduled at your convenience. Sessions can be accessed on any computer or tablet and typically last about 1-hour. During this presentation, we will discuss what issues you are trying to solve and show you, in live time, how Janitorial Manager can help manage those issues while providing great lift for moral in your staff.

How do customers, employees, and managers use Janitorial Manager?

Your Customers

A large missing factor of the cleaning industry is keeping your clients more involved in their cleaning practices. The Janitorial Manager Client Portal allows each of your clients to have their own portal to help assist in communication between your cleaning team and the client. This feature also supports those clients who have multiple locations in which your team cleans. This gives clients the power to request services, supplies, provide feedback and/or inspection reports. The client can also request progress tracking to stay up to date with progression. Giving this portal to your clients when they sign up for your services shows them that you care about the quality of service you are providing them and can even be used as a great selling point over the competitor’s offerings.


Office Managers

Day to day operations can sometimes be overwhelming and difficult to keep up with for your staff and office managers. Janitorial Manager wants to optimize these issues. JM helps organize your operations and optimizes those day to day operations. Communication with staff members is so important to scaling your business. Having an opportunity to better track inventory and employee clock in and clock out times puts the power of your business back in your hands. You now know what supplies used properly or what products are being overused on each location. Janitorial Manager helps keep your business running smoothly!

Site Coordinators/Team Leads/ Inspectors

Your staff and cleaning team can be on the same page with each location. Your team leaders can manage billable tasks in each location, access work orders that were submitted by other team members or the client themselves through the client portal, and even encourage staff members to keep up the good work! Inspections can be completed while at a location to ensure the cleaning is up to par for the client as well as the cleaning company.


Cleaning Crews

Each employee has their own access to Janitorial Manager. They can clock in and clock out of each location to help give management accurate location-based costs for labor, close work orders that were completed, manage cleaning supplies at the location, and even view cleaning instructions for each location on the Janitorial Manager Connect App. Having JM Connect allows staff to have an immediate connection with supervisors or team leads if an issue arises at that location even if they are elsewhere! Communication is key with staff members that are constantly on the go!


Janitorial Manager is a great Management tool as well! Not only can you view reports for Profit and costs but you can see many other reports to see if your company is running the way you want it to. Keeping tabs on the quality of cleaning also gives management the ability to mentor or coach employees on ways they can improve or areas in their day to day work that they need to fix. JM can also help reduce the amount of paperwork that goes into scheduling employee work hours or information that is given to the managers on a daily basis. Janitorial Manager is the solution if you want to scale your cleaning company more efficiently.

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