Your cleaning reports are so much more than just a list of dates and numbers. Look deeper to find out how they can help you improve your business.

Ever wonder if there’s some magic formula for improving your commercial cleaning business? Is there a secret that will make all your clients happy and bring in referrals? Or do you wish there was a simple trick to reducing your overhead, working more efficiently, and winning the lottery? There is. Well, maybe not for the lottery, but for everything else, there are cleaning reports.

It’s true. Cleaning reports are the center defense of your cleaning soccer team. They aren’t necessarily flashy, they aren’t up front scoring the goals, but they keep the field organized, and they’re a big part of keeping your team in the lead.

More specifically, cleaning reports can tell you where your business has room to improve, where you’re most efficient, and how your supplies and equipment are impacting your bottom line. They can help you keep up with invoices, give you the information you need to make more accurate bids, and let you keep up with the thoroughness of your employees.

While there are several ways these reports can lead to business advancements, there is also some under-the-radar information that could change the way you approach your company.

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Cleaning Reports

5 Ways your cleaning reports can influence your commercial cleaning business strategy

1. Customer service

Customer service should always be a top priority for any business. It doesn’t matter how good you are, how efficient, or how much of the latest equipment you use. If you don’t have customers, you don’t have an income. That’s why customer service has to be one of your most important performance indicators. But how do you get a customer service report? One simple way is through your Messaging App.

With client and location messaging, you, your employees, and your client have an easy way to communicate. Clients have direct access to you and your team in the event of an emergency, any issues with the quality of the work, or even something as simple as a request for additional services. You can also communicate with your teams based on their location, so any messages or instructions relating to a specific address are readily available in that channel.

Communication is one of the critical elements of customer satisfaction. You can deal with issues before they get too big to handle, or check in with clients quickly. And while this isn’t exactly a report, it is distinctly tied to your Inspections reports.

2. Quality control

Aside from excellent customer service, there’s one other factor that can have an enormous influence on your success: quality control. If you’re skipping commercial cleaning reports that focus on inspections and quality control, you’re missing a huge part of how your business is running.

An inspections report gives you a clear look at what’s happening with your teams. These reports can provide you with insight into whether or not your teams are working up to your standards, if they’re working efficiently, or even whether or not you need to renegotiate a contract with a client. Your inspectors can capture images, rate the quality of work, and track performance over time.

How does that really help you, though? It’s one way to improve customer satisfaction, but it also gives you precise time frames so you can estimate future contracts with an eye toward increased profits. What else can help increase profits? Proper inventory management.

3. Inventory management

As a commercial cleaning company, you could have a lot of money invested in your supplies. From green cleaning products to trash bags to personal protective gear like gloves and facemasks, the tools you use are both necessary, and expensive. And if you run out of something, it can be even more costly if you have to pay for rush delivery, or worse, lose a client because you aren’t meeting their expectations.

Inventory reports can help you stay on top of all of this. You’ll know how much floor cleaner is at any given location, when you need to order more mop heads, and how many boxes of disposable gloves you need to keep on-site. But how does this boost your business?

By knowing how much product to keep in stock, you won’t risk spending more than you need to on janitorial supplies. You also know how much you need to order, so you can determine if you should go ahead and jump on that sale, or if you’re better off without that 10% off two hundred cases of Comet.

4. Time management

Are you scheduling too many people to work at one location and not enough at another? Do you need that many people on the clock every night of the week? For that matter, do you have the optimal scheduling of your clients? Could you change the workflow for better geographical efficiency?

Your time management reports can give in-depth insight on this. How much time does it take your team to travel from one location to another? Maybe you’d be better off shifting some of your employees from one client to another.

5. Budgeting

In one sense, all these reports come down to budgeting. Where that really makes a difference, however, is in your forecasting. Budgeting reports let you look over your past business activity so you can plan appropriately for the future. Find out when you can expect work to pick up, slow down, or, in the case of seasonal weather patterns, become more or less difficult.

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