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Jason Davis found himself trapped in the monotonous routine of his dream job in banking, enduring the daily grind of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The toll of this predictable work schedule eventually convinced him that it wasn’t the right path for him. One day, on impulse, he walked away from his banking career without a plan. Encouraged by his wife, he connected with the cleaners at her workplace, which sparked the idea of starting Forte Commercial Cleaning in Salt Lake City, Utah. Initially, the business faced challenges, leading Jason to take on a second job. However, after several years of perseverance, their monthly revenue grew significantly from $5,000 to an impressive $525,000.

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Recently, Jason and Forte Commercial Cleaning gained national attention for their initiative in offering job opportunities to homeless individuals. Jason attributes the philosophy of “The Go-Giver” to his company’s philosophy of inclusivity, providing employment opportunities to those in need. He takes pride in providing fresh starts for people and helping them to develop their skills to enhance their career paths. Since 2019, Forte Commercial Cleaning has held the cleaning contract for the Delta Center, home of the Utah Jazz. Every night, over 100 people gather to clean the entire arena within four to five hours. What sets Forte apart from competitors is their commitment to same-day payment, a promise they always fulfill. Jason believes that consistent attention to detail, even in seemingly small matters, fosters a loyal and dedicated workforce.

About Our Guest(s):

Jason Davis

Jason Davis

Owner - Forte Commercial Cleaning

After realizing that the traditional office job wasn’t his calling, Jason Davis recognized the potential of the commercial cleaning industry and founded Forte Commercial Cleaning in Salt Lake City, Utah. During the early years, the company struggled to reach $5,000 in monthly earnings. Fast forward eight years, Forte Commercial Cleaning now boasts a remarkable monthly revenue of $525,000. Jason holds an economics degree from the University of Utah and resides with his family in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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