Healthcare Cleaning Management Software To Improve Efficiency

Hospitals, Long Term Care, Ambulatory, Medical Offices, Rehabilitation Clinics, and other healthcare facilities use Janitorial Manager, a healthcare cleaning management software, to improve cleaning results, positively impact HCAPH scores,  manage budgetary goals, influence reduction in HAI’s, and develop a clean, safe, and healthy environment.


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5 Benefits Adding a Healthcare Cleaning Management Software Brings:


  • Develop, implement, and monitor performance improvement plans.
  • Create specific task lists and inspection criteria to assure all critical cleaning and disinfection is accomplished on a continual schedule.
  • Schedule and monitor work orders and special service requirements.
  • Implement a timekeeping system based on GEO fencing to assure employees are where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there.


  • Set agreed-upon standards and develop specific, customized inspection criteria for individuals, areas, or locations.
  • Utilize the inspection app to execute scheduled inspections from the job site using your phone or tablet.
  • Include pictures, text, and email results to all applicable parties.
  • As cloud-based software, inspections are stored and accessible at a later date for review.


  • Instantly message individual employees or groups of employees as well as any health care of facility professionals as required.
  • Provide employees with mobile cleaning instructions/checklists.
  • Allow employees to submit location-specific supply requests or while actually at the job site so they can be addressed in an efficient manner.
  • Allow facility staff and medical professional to alert cleaning staff when critical cleaning needs arise.


  • Utilize Work Loading to build detailed facility records including locations, buildings, floors, and rooms including usage type, floor type, and activities.
  • Develop a plan of action to maximize efficiency and assure all needed cleaning activities are addressed.
  • Evaluate how changes in products or procedures will affect your budget.


  • Efficiently track and manage inventory and consumable consumption.
  • Analyze and budget inventory usage to reduce expenses without risking product outages.
  • Schedule and monitor PM requirements and activities.

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Other Features Include:


Customized inspections can be filled out in the field. Administrators can make sure inspections meet company standards.

Client Portal

Allows direct communication between business cleaning owners and your clients. This feature allows you to use your own branding and keep in contact with your customers.

Employee Tracking

Allows administrators to track employee performance and attendance. You can also take a detailed look at employee performance over the year.

Work Orders

Easily create a work order then track, manage, or even filter work orders by quoted, scheduled, and completed. This helps better manage a job's ROI.

Managing Your Cleaning Operations Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Janitorial Manager is here to help. Our software brings everything you need to be successful in your fingertips.

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