Find out how the right technology can help you reduce cleaning operations costs.

Are your expenses higher than you’d like? Have you cut back everywhere you can and still have invoices haunting your dreams? There are ways to reduce cleaning operations costs. Not only that, but you can reduce those costs and still maintain high levels of quality, customer service, and business fortitude. 

When we look at reducing costs and expenses, the first things we often see are those large line items. Payroll and cleaning products tend to stand out the most. Not only are they some of the highest business expenses, but they also seem to be the easy places to cut back. 

Of course, even though it seems easy to reduce payroll and product expenses, that’s not always the case. You need specific products to do your job properly. You need people to perform the tasks and duties your clients are expecting. 

Additionally, reducing payroll can have the opposite impact of what we hope for. People begin looking for more consistent hours at other companies. Soon enough, you have to hire new people. Then you run into expenses for training, onboarding, hiring paperwork, and getting a new team up to speed. 

How, then, can you reduce cleaning operations costs? More importantly, how can you reduce those costs without a negative impact on your commercial cleaning, in-house, or building services business?

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Reduce Cleaning Operations Costs

5 Ways to reduce cleaning operations costs right away

Technology like janitorial software can be a powerful tool to help us work more efficiently and reduce cleaning operations costs. The trick is knowing what to look for and how to take advantage of this tool. Here are some of the ways the right technology can lower expenses and increase profits. 

1. Adopt accurate time tracking. While you may not want to reduce payroll, you do want to ensure it’s accurate. Accurate time tracking can help, and it can also help your team. Just like you want payroll to reflect the actual hours people work, your team wants to feel secure knowing they’ll get paid for their time. With geolocation and facial recognition, it’s easier than ever to clock in and out. That also means you don’t have to spend time going back and forth to correct the hours. It’s a win-win all the way.

2. Get real-time task updates. If you spend a lot of time following up with your teams to track a job’s progress, you’ll love this simple way to reduce cleaning operations costs. With cloud-based software, you can follow along as your team checks off tasks on the job. And with software like Janitorial Manager, they can even upload photos, so you don’t have to guess how well the job was done. Not only does this save you time, it reduces the time you and your team spend trying to figure out what needs to be done, who completed which tasks, and more. 

3. Use built-in bidding calculators and templates. How many times have you given someone an estimate and later realized your price was much lower than it should have been? Underbidding increases your costs relative to operational expenses. Conversely, proper bidding can help you reduce cleaning operations costs as your revenue increases. With built-in templates and calculators, you gain consistency in your bidding. Changing factors is as simple as plugging in new numbers. No one wants a surprise when it comes to service expenses. Not you. Not your customer. And with technology on your side, you’ll find that surprises are a thing of the past. 

4. Improve scheduling. Scheduling is tricky enough on a good day. Throw in different locations, travel distances, and the availability of specialized equipment, and you have a potential mess. New technology can help make sense of these various scheduling factors. Send cleaning teams on the most efficient route, schedule the right people for each job, and ensure all of your equipment is easy to locate. This alone could reduce cleaning operations costs substantially. 

5. Control inventory. You know how expensive it can get when you order too much or too little inventory. Worse, if you run out and have to make an emergency purchase, your costs could go way up. Plus, if someone on your team is using too much of a product or if products go missing, costs add up fast. With helpful technology, you can track usage and inventory no matter how localized or spread out your team is. 

Don’t let your operations costs get the better of your business. Embrace the help that comes with technology and watch your business flourish.

Bid tracking, to-do lists, cleaning checklists, supply inventory, timekeeping… it’s all here. Janitorial Manager can help you organize all your commercial cleaning operations. Schedule a free call with Janitorial Manager to learn more.