Janitorial Inspections App With Janitorial Manager

The janitorial inspections app feature in Janitorial Manager allows your on-site inspectors to complete their inspections right from their mobile device. Inspections in Janitorial Manager go through multiple types of grading and are stored in the cloud to be referenced in the future. JM Inspections App helps your cleaning team stay organized and efficient with their time!

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Keep Track Of Location Inspections To Reference From Any Phone At Any Time.



Inspections Template(s)

At Janitorial Manager, we understand that inspections are key to the success of your business and allow you to train your staff accordingly. The Inspections App from Janitorial Manager allows you to create or save inspections templates based on each location you are cleaning. This allows a saved template to be saved in the cloud and can be referenced during the next inspection of the location.

Schedule Routine Inspections

Having set routine inspection is vital in checking to make sure each location and employee achieve the expected outcomes. In the janitorial inspections app, you have the ability to have a set schedule of what locations need to be inspected on what date to make sure the results are meeting your criteria.

Share Images

Currently, inspectors have a hard time documenting different issues that they find in the cleaning process. With the image capture function of the JM Inspections App, the inspectors can easily rate a cleaning job but also attach images, either good or areas that need work or recleaned, to the report. Each image is also stored in the location database in Janitorial Manager to reference at a later date if needed. This organization of content helps management keep better track of each location to make sure it is being cleaned properly but also allows them to be able to coach employees.



Reporting on location is sometimes one of the most overlooked areas of a cleaning company. With the janitorial inspections app from Janitorial Manager, you can see live time, up to date, reporting of what is going on in the field and if the jobs are meeting your qualifications. Management can communicate live time with inspectors and cleaners via JM Connect to educate staff on how they can improve the process on the locations following an inspection that has been done.

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"I have tried many products on the market but JM provided the best solutions to run my entire business and the cost is extremely reasonable. I have built my company to run with no managers and only employ about 39 employees. One of my pain points is communication. JM helps me solve that issue with the Messenger app. I can keep tabs on employees and clients using this app. From inspections, to work orders, to inventory tracking, Janitorial Manager is a major key to the crazy growth I saw this year!"

Kevin Scott
Business Owner, Office Pride

"Janitorial Manager changed the way I ran my company. Not only did it smooth my administrative duties, it saved me an entire administrative position. The best think about Janitorial Manager is you can track your Profit/Loss by the customer, to include labor, paper, and supplies. WOW, what difference to see what customers are making you money, and which ones are actually losing you money! I reduced expenses by over $3,000 a month. I HIGHLY recommend this program!"

Troy Hopkins

Area Development Manager, Author & Motivational Speaker

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