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Like many high school students, Mark Anderson was seeking a job after school. His first opportunity in the commercial cleaning industry came when his father, who ran a bank, wasn’t satisfied with their current cleaner, so he gave his son a chance. This opportunity paid off as Mark quickly learned the tools of the trade. His first account earned him $6.00 a week (in the 1970s). Mark received a loan from the bank and started his own company, managing it while attending college full-time. Six years into the industry, Mark had earned a million dollars. Over his career spanning more than 50 years, Mark has encountered every situation in the industry, culminating in the sale of his last company for over $15 million. 

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Mark’s industry expertise is unique. He provides an in-depth breakdown of cross-selling and upselling in this episode, discussing how cleaners can better serve their customers. He stated that “people don’t realize they’re leaving money on the table with current customers.” He dives into scaling a business and emphasizes the importance of having a developed plan before considering scaling. In fact, according to Mark, premature scaling and organization is why 74% of startups fail. To succeed, Mark points out the significance of surrounding yourself with experts in other areas once your operation, allowing you to acquire new skills. Aditionally, Mark recently launched a podcast called Polishing Profits with industry experts.

About Our Guest(s):

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson

President - The Profit Growth Initiative

Mark Anderson entered the commercial cleaning industry at 17 years old, accumulating over 50 years of experience in the field. He took a loan from his father’s bank to start his first cleaning company. Mark patiently built his client list and reputation. After six years of hard work, his cleaning company earned over one million dollars. He eventually sold his last cleaning operation for around $15 million. Currently, Mark is collaborating with his son Darrel on their newest project, The Profit Growth Initiative. He resides in Washington with his wife. 

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