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In 1951, Evelyn Kennedy and 12 other parents stood up to change the status quo and ensure a complete life for their children born with disabilities. Evelyn started a revolution that evening. She also had a vision for her son Brian to have a fulfilling life regardless of what doctors told her regarding her son’s disabilities. Her dream for her son was complete as Brian bought himself a condo, earned a job, and retired.

With the help of The Kennedy Collective, he accomplished all his goals.

Today The Kennedy Collective transforms the lives of over 2,000 people each year. That help ranges from finding housing to job placement in the workforce. The Kennedy Collective coaches them every step of the way.

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They also have strong partnerships to create employment. A few of those partnerships include Federal Government Agencies like the Department of Development Services, DMV, Department of Transportation, and Department of Social Services.

The Kennedy Collective bases the organization on four core values: Challenge the status quo, create purpose, build community, and ensure inclusion.

Episode Summary

Valerie Reyher guides us through the process of developing a plan for each person looking to enter the workforce through their organization. Each individual’s goals, needs, and desires are different. For Valarie, it’s more than just a job, it’s about creating a sense of belonging, and relationships that are sometimes lifelong. In the next 10-15 years, there will be an urgency to find workers as a large part of the workforce will leave due to an aging population. Valerie believes this could be a great opportunity for the people at The Kennedy Collective.

Additionally, Valerie discusses their journey with Janitorial Manager (JM).

With 35 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, The Kennedy Collective knew they needed a tool to help their employees complete their job in the field efficiently and effectively. Valerie Reyher, VP of Workforce Development and Social Enterprise for the Kennedy Collective, loves the flexibility in Janitorial Manager to fit their employee’s needs. They believe the janitorial management software will be beneficial, allowing them to add pictures and videos that will help employees better understand expectations and complete tasks correctly. The videos will also serve as a training tool. Currently, they have 50 employees who use the cleaning software, but they have big expectations for the future. In the coming years, they hope to double the number of employees using JM.

About Our Guest(s):

Valerie Reyher

Valerie Reyher

Vice President - Workforce Development & Social Enterprise

Valerie Reyher started with The Kennedy Collective 28 years ago as a college graduate and has worked up in the company to her current position as VP of Workforce Development and Social Enterprise. Being able to help people achieve their goals and dreams every single day is a factor in why Valerie has stayed with the company all these years.

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